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The Masked Singer: Who Are The Final 6? Who Could Win Season 3?

by Conor O'Brien

With Banana’s (Bret Michaels) elimination on April 22, only six masked celebrities remain in the running on The Masked Singer‘s third season.

Still competing for the Golden Mask Trophy are: Turtle, Kitty, Frog, Night Angel, Astronaut and Rhino.

While all six of them are talented in their own rights, there can only be one winner.

Let’s take a look at everyone’s chances of winning the show.


Fans have long speculated Turtle’s true identity as one-time teen heartthrob, Jesse McCartney. The clues are lining up to suggest this is the case.

Turtle, whoever is under the mask, happens to be the only surviving member of Group A. This is a testament to his vocal prowess.

Furthermore, he defeated Astronaut (his nearest rival in vocal ability/appeal) in a face-off, which shows he is definitely a contender to go all the way.

Courageous Nerd’s Prediction: Top 3

Night Angel

One of only two remaining female singers in the competition, Night Angel is believed to be vocalist/reality star Kandi Buruss.

To reach this point, Night Angel has bested half of Group C as well as three other members of the Super 9 – White Tiger, Kangaroo and Banana.

However, while she has a strong vocal, the judges and audience do not seem as attached to Night Angel compared to some of the other characters.

This, plus weaker performances in the more recent rounds could potentially be Night Angel’s downfall.

Courageous Nerd’s Prediction: 6th


Fan theories have placed former Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants pitcher turned musician Barry Zito as the man behind the Rhino mask.

If this is true, Zito would be the only top six contestant to have not had music as their original primary profession.

Rhino definitely has it in him to survive a couple more rounds. However, it seems that there are a few stronger contestants still in the running.

Courageous Nerd’s Prediction: 5th


Kitty’s powerful vocals and confusing clues have thrown fans all over the place in guessing who is behind the mask. Notable guesses have included actresses such as Emma Watson, Lucy Hale, Sarah Hyland and Vanessa Hudgens.

However, recent clues suggest that one-time America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho is Kitty’s true identity.

Assuming fans’ beliefs are correct, in that Evancho is hiding her natural operatic voice when performing as Kitty, the judges could be in for a major surprise.

Courageous Nerd’s Prediction: Top 3


Thus far, Astronaut has been somewhat of a dark horse in this competition. While the attention was focused elsewhere, he has snuck up from behind and proven himself as one of the best in the competition.

The vocal talent makes sense too, if the theories that country music star Hunter Hayes is the performer underneath the golden spacesuit are correct.

Overall, I think Astronaut may follow in the footsteps of Rabbit (Joey Fatone) and Leopard (Seal) – beloved acts who fall just short of making the final.

Courageous Nerd’s Prediction: 4th


Throughout the three seasons of The Masked Singer, few performers have been as diverse and well-rounded as Frog. This amphibian can both rap and dance for the judges and audience.

He is believed to be Bow Wow, with the growing amount of clues seeming to confirm that this is the case.

Unless something goes seriously wrong, there is a place with the Frog’s name on it in the final.

Courageous Nerd’s Prediction: Top 3

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