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What Happened to the Humans in Darren Shan’s Life?

by Conor O'Brien
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Note: I have the 12 books in four large books as three trilogies. As such, I am unable to pinpoint which book is which and will just say ‘early books’ or ‘late books’.

In The Saga of Darren Shan, we see the title character leave his human life behind and become a half-vampire quite early on. As we only get a fleeting glimpse into Darren’s human life, this is the end of the road for many characters in this portion of the story, due to their storyline having ended.

We all know what happened to Steve Leonard/Leonard, but what about the other family, friends and acquaintances in Darren’s life?

Below is the list of everyone that Darren left behind upon becoming Mr Crepsley’s assistant.


In the short time we spend with this couple, we learn a few things about them. Dermot has large feet and multiple pen pals and Angela is a keen stamp collector.

They were obviously devestated by their son’s ‘death’ and eventually moved out of the family home where they had lived, a few years prior to Darren returning to it. Dermot also suffered a mild attack.

Although they do not appear after the early stories, expository dialogue from a neighbour named Bridget informs us of their ultimate fates.

Annie shan – his sister

Appearing as a young girl in the early books, Annie is one of the few people aware that Darren went to the Cirque du Freak and kept this secret from their parents. Likewise, she was aware of Madam Octa and how Steve actually got a poisoned bite.

Eight years after Darren’s ‘death’, Annie fell pregnant by Steve Leonard, Darren’s best friend who did not love her, simply being manipulative.

By her return appearance in the later books, she has a son – Darius – who was blooded by his father Steve as a half-vampaneze. Darren later re-bloods him as a half-vampire and they make the trek to Vampire Mountain.


Tommy Jones was the star goalkeeper of Darren’s school and one of his closest friends, alongside Steve Leonard and Alan Morris. Tommy primarily featured early on, competing for a ticket in order to attend the Cirque du Freak although he was unsuccessful.

Seemingly a minor, inconsequential character, Tommy made an appearance when Darren returned to his hometown in the later books, as a now famous goalkeeper returning for a football game.

Although he doesn’t tell him the full story, Tommy mentions some tidbits about Steve and Annie that help Darren later on.

He and Darren made plans to properly reunite, but this never came to pass, as he was murdered by Steve’s psychotic vampaneze henchmen R.V. and Morgan James.

ALAN MORRIS – His friend

Alan was the fourth member in Darren’s group of friends. He is responsible for setting the events of the series in motion, by bringing a flyer for the Cirque du Freak into school.

He later becomes a famous, leading scientist of the country where he lives (it is never specified) and helped create the first dragon. This is all mentioned through other characters’ dialogue.


Mr Dalton was Darren’s teacher and he served a very specific use during his time in the story. Remember, despite the sophisticated storytelling and plots, these books were technically for children and most probably would not know what a ‘freak show’ was.

Thus, it fell to Mr Dalton to explain to Darren, his classmates and indeed the audience about how cruel the shows really were and why one being active would be such a rare and unusual thing.

We also get an insight into his well-intentioned personality, as he tries to get the Cirque du Freak shut down, likely out of concern for the ‘freaks’ ‘ safety.

Years later, when Darren covertly observes his old school, he sees Mr Dalton still working there, as popular as ever.

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