The Chase star Darragh Ennis reveals whether past contestants could be brought back for redemptive glory *DIGITAL SPY WRITING SAMPLE*

Since debuting in 2009, The Chase has become one of the most watched and divisive shows on television. Fans at home have disagreed and been outraged with some of the actions taken by contestants on the popular ITV series.

One past contestant who is well-aware of going viral due to their episode is Darragh Ennis, who was recently announced as the newest Chaser to join the line-up of quiz geniuses.

Ennis competed on The Chase back in 2017 against Paul Sinha, where he bagged an impressive £9,000 in the cash builder. However, a combination of his team taking low or minus offers led to this being drastically reduced to £6,300.

At the time, viewers rallied behind Ennis on Twitter with the #JusticeForDarragh movement.


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When asked by a fan on Twitter whether past contestants could be brought back for redemption, Ennis referred to the recent successful spin-off, Beat The Chasers. “If everyone points out to ITV how much they like Beat The Chasers, then there’s a perfect vehicle for this”.

He went on to add: “And they could win BIG money.”

Previously, The Chase series one contestant Sally Wilson, who was part of the first ever winning team, made an appearance on the spin-off, where she lost to all five Chasers.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV.

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