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YouTuber Shout Out: Blind Wave

by Conor O'Brien

Diclaimer: I am not any of the Blind Wave members nor am I affiliated with the channel in any way. Simply writing about content that I enjoy.

Blind Wave is a long-running YouTube channel with content that includes Reactions and Reviews to TV shows and Movies. They are also known for their lightsabre battles.

There are five members, going from left to right in the above picture: Eric, Shane, Rick, Calvin and Aaron. Prior to creating the channel, they had years of history with one another which translates into their content. You can tell these guys have known each other for a good while and genuinely get along.

My entry point was through their Flash reactions which are done by Eric and Aaron. More specifically, the fifth episode of season 5, when Iris West jumps off a building to save Barry.

I discovered their other reactions and videos – as well as the other three members – by simply browsing. Other shows they react to include Breaking Bad, Westworld, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and This Is Us.

Considering I basically stumbled onto the Blind Wave channel by accident, I am very glad that I did.

The whole group is very interactive with their fanbase whether it’s their ‘Mailbag’ series, Twitch livestreams or just talking on social media. In my own case, I once sent a DM on Instagram saying how much I enjoyed the channel. They replied, but I have no clue which one of the five it was.

If you are only familiar with Blind Wave through YouTube, you can also check them out on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Twitch.

Thanks again, Blind Wave, for the great content you produce and the generosity you show towards all Wave Riders.

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