The Masked Singer: Banana Revealed As Poison Frontman Bret Michaels

A new episode of The Masked Singer has come and gone. With it, another celebrity has been forced to reveal their famous face.

This week, the show bid farewell to Banana. As a member of Group B, the man-sized fruit had debuted on February 19 during Week 3.

Image: FOX

Once the Banana head was removed, rock star Bret Michaels of the group Poison was unveiled. Of his unmasking, Michaels said, “I would’ve done anything to get here. This is the most awesome show. I’ve never had such a great time.”

Previous clues had included poisonous items such as a blowfish and snake while a blue dog collar also featured, as a hint to Michaels’ upbringing.

Michaels had also previously been a guess during season 2 of the show as Eagle, who was later revealed to be celebrity physician Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Source: FOX

With Banana/Bret Michaels’ elimination, six contestants remain in the competition; Night Angel, Turtle, Rhino, Astronaut, Kitty and Frog.

Who will take the Golden Mask trophy?

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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