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The Masked Singer: Is the Turtle really Jesse McCartney?

by Conor O'Brien
Source: YouTube (The Masked Singer)

The Masked Singer has been a hit in both the US and UK with its costumed characters – but who exactly is hiding under the Turtle mask?

Season three of The Masked Singer started differently to its predecessors. The eighteen celebrities were split into smaller groups of six; A, B and C, competing as such for three consecutive weeks each.

So, who’s Turtle? The man-sized reptile debuted as part of Group A back in February, wowing judges and fans alike with renditions of classics such as Seal’s “Kiss from A Rose”.

If the common guess, American singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney, is to be believed, the judges have not yet pinpointed Turtle’s identity. Although, they’re not far off.

For those unfamiliar, McCartney was a young star in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His accomplishments included being a member of the band Dream Street, starring in the short-lived television series Summerland and even co-writing Leona Lewis’ hit song, “Bleeding Love”.

In a recent tweet (April 17), McCartney shared what could be a cryptic clue referencing his appearance on the show.


Turtle has seen off competitors such as Miss Monster, Robot and Llama to advance as one of Group A’s representatives in the Super 9. These were the top performers from all three groups.

By this point in the competition, he had not been onscreen for almost two months.

Who is the Turtle? Picture: Fox

Several of Turtle’s clues point towards McCartney. In early clue packages, a surfboard (referencing Summerland) and the words “Don’t Ever Rave At My School – Turtle” written on a chalkboard (spelling Dream St) were shown.

In more recent clues, Turtle held up a comic book titled “The Amazing Adventures of Shellboy”, priced at $10.13. From 2010 to 2013, McCartney voiced Dick Grayson (aka Robin) on Young Justice. A map pinpointed Seoul, South Korea – one of McCartney’s best-known hits is ‘Beautiful Soul’.

Some of the judges’ guesses include McCartney’s Summerland co-star Zac Efron and former New Kids On The Block member Joey McIntyre.

Source: YouTube (The Masked Singer)

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX in the United States.

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