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Wait – Did THIS Former Walking Dead Star Just Show Up On The Flash?!

by Conor O'Brien

Working on a show like The Walking Dead is undoubtedly a tough gig – not only do the actors have to contend with the relentless Atlanta heat, but also the possibility of losing their jobs as each episode goes on.

Leaving a longtime job is tough for anyone, let alone an actor. After being known for one role over a number years, it’s hard for fans to see them as any other character.

However, it seems one alum of the AMC series may have found his way to Central City, home of CW’s The Flash.

Image result for chandler riggs a million little things

Of course, Chandler Riggs who played Rick’s son Carl Grimes for eight seasons hasn’t been out of work since his departure – he has a recurring role as PJ on ABC’s A Million Little Things.

However, it seems he may have made an announced cameo on The Flash.

Let’s look at the facts: A Million Little Things and The Flash are both filmed in Vancouver, Canada. If Riggs was working on the former at the time, it would be easy for him to at least be near the latter’s set.

In fact, Riggs expressed his desire to appear on the CW series in a 2018 interview, further adding credence to this possibility.

Riggs’ appearance – if it was indeed him – was only for a matter of seconds. Blink and you’ll miss it.

For anyone who saw episode 11 of The Flash’s sixth season (which aired on February 11), pay closer attention to the scene where Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) holds up the restaurant.

Alternatively, here’s some photographic evidence:

Do you think this was Chandler Riggs? Did he get his wish to appear on The Flash?

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