Actor Eddie McClintock has opened up about his struggle to find acting work after the cancellation of his hit series Warehouse 13.

McClintock played Pete Lattimer, a Secret Service Agent and the male leading role, from 2009 to 2014. Warehouse 13 lasted for five seasons.

Taking to Twitter, McClintock said “Above and beyond all the great jobs I’d gotten throughout my career, Warehouse 13, in particular, was a source of great pride for me. A large group of people had given me the responsibility to be the leader of a television show that cost about three million dollars an episode to make. Careers were on the line. People’s livelihood depended on me showing up everyday and doing my best work.”

He continued by saying, “I was so honored. I was so humbled. After all the s**t I’d put myself and and those around me through, #Warehouse13 was my great redemption. I stood tall. Then, after six years and five seasons, the show was done. The cancellation hit me hard. It was a deep sadness for me, and a great excuse to again slip back into my old ways. But I never did. The following years were incredibly humbling.”

McClintock went on to highlight some of the other recent jobs in his career, such as his turn as Jack Payne on Shooter as well as the short-lived Netflix series No Good Nick.

Furthermore, he outlined how his personal life had changed significantly.

Much in the same vein as Nathan Fillion’s show The Rookie, McClintock decided to pursue a later-in-life career as a police officer – at 52 years of age.

Ultimately, however, McClintock’s prior indiscretions from over two decades ago led to him not making the cut in the LAPD.

McClintock concluded by adding that perhaps his career could be taking a positive turn again, or perhaps not. Either way, there’s a chance.

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