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Former ‘The Masked Singer’ Stars Reunite On Instagram Live

by Conor O'Brien

The Masked Singer contestants “Astronaut” and “Turtle” reunite on Instagram Live.

Season three of The Masked Singer may have come to an end but a new bromance is still going strong.

Turtle and Astronaut were two of the vocally strongest contestants in the season, both being labelled as ‘heartthrobs’ by the judges and fans. This is also led to the pair being pitted against each in other during a battle round.

Now both unmasked in second and sixth place as Jesse McCartney and Hunter Hayes respectively, the two have already reunited since the finale aired. This includes a pre-recorded duet shared by Hayes on Instagram on the night of McCartney’s unmasking.

More recently, the two caught up on May 28 for an Instagram Live, where they discussed topics including their time on The Masked Singer, conflicting song choices with each other and discovering that they had been neighbours during the taping of the season.

Source: Instagram (Hunter Hayes)

While Astronaut and Turtle made an awesome duo, how about Hunter Hayes and Jesse McCartney? Good news on that front, as the pair also discussed making music together in the future.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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