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Trae Romano: Learn More About Stargirl’s Mike Dugan

Actor Trae Romano plays Mike Dugan, the title character’s stepbrother on DC’s Stargirl. Learn more about the young performer behind the sassy teen.

As Courtney Whitmore’s stepbrother, Mike Dugan is a major character on DC’s Stargirl. Trae Romano plays the part, joining Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson and Amy Smart in the new, fictitious blended family who just moved to Blue Valley, Nebraska.

Much like his character, Romano is the youngest cast member on Stargirl. Unlike his cast mates, he is playing a character who’s of a similar age to himself. However, this is also means that while Romano’s filmography may not be as expansive, it is still growing and already looks impressive.

In a recent interview with Nerds Beyond, Romano revealed some information about both himself and the character of Mike Dugan. For example, it turns out that while Romano was not familiar with Stargirl or Mike Dugan, he immediately connected to his character, after finding similarities with himself.

Brec Bassinger, Amy Smart, Trae Romano (Image: KSiteTV)

Additionally, Romano shared in the above interview that he was ” especially drawn to the creator [Geoff Johns] and why he wanted to immortalize his sister who died tragically in a plane crash. “, the actor continued, “Having a show dedicated to her memory is very special and every time you are on set, you feel that.”

Moving away from Stargirl, one of Romano’s other major projects was the television series Robbie. He plays the younger version of Rory Scovel’s title character on the series. The cast also includes Beau Bridges, Sasheer Zamata and Mary Holland.

In 2017, Romano played “Tyler” in an episode of 555, a comedy-based TV miniseries. Kate Berlant, John Early, Bonnie Hellman and Jessica Lee were also featured in the series. As well as this, Romano guest-starred in another mini-series, Little Ghosts, this time a drama. He played the role of “Andrew” and starred alongside Josh Ventura and Gary Weeks.

Stargirl airs on DC Universe and The CW.

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