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The Masked Singer: Fans ‘Definitely’ Know Who The Remaining Season 3 Performers Are

by Conor O'Brien

The Masked Singer‘s third season is heading into the quarter-finals and just five anonymous contestants now remain – Frog, Kitty, Night Angel, Rhino and Turtle.

On the April 29 episode, Astronaut became the thirteenth contestant to be unmasked. He was revealed as country music star Hunter Hayes, as Courageous Nerd had already predicted.

Now that so few masked celebrities remain in the show, fans seem sure that they have deduced the remaining secret identities.

Image: FOX| Astronaut was revealed as Hunter Hayes
Source: FOX

Let’s take a look at the final five and who the online detectives have determined are hiding behind the masks.

Frog – Bow Wow

Rapper Bow Wow has been a guess for The Frog since the early weeks of the competition.

Particularly, in the April 29 episode, clues that fans picked up on included buckeyes chocolate (referencing his home state, Ohio) and basketball clues such as a number 3 jersey referring to ‘Like Mike’.

Also in the April 29 episode, Bow Wow was guessed for in an episode for the first time, by judge Robin Thicke.

Kitty – Jackie Evancho

Former America’s Got Talent contestant Evancho has been a strong contender for Kitty. Clues such as a Red Riding Hood-esque cape referring to Evancho playing the role in a school musical.

Night Angel – Kandi Burruss

With clues compiled by Gold Derby, it seems pretty clear that Night Angel is Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss. An example is that Burruss’ Gold Records and Grammy Award nominations contribute to the total amount of all eighteen contestants.

Rhino – Barry Zito

Like many fans, Jenny McCarthy may have pieced together Rhino’s true identity as former baseball pitcher Barry Zito. A crown on the state of Missouri pointed McCarthy towards Zito, who is married to former Miss Missouri Amber Seyer.

Turtle – Jesse McCartney

Like many of the other final five contestants, Turtle has had one definitive guess from early on: singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney. Recent clues pointing in this direction include a chess game, a crown and a heart which reference McCartney’s role as a voice actor in the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

The Masked Singer returns for its quarter final episode on May 6, airing on FOX.

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