And no, her marriage to a certain Mr. Dallas isn’t on the list…

Since starting her career, Ginnifer Goodwin has successfully made a name for herself as an actress.

From 2005 to 2017, she had an eleven year stint of being employed on a television show with five years on Big Love and six on Once Upon A Time, returning for the latter series’ finale following her exit at the conclusion of the previous season.

Read on for ten things you may not have known about Ginnifer Goodwin.

Ginnifer Isn’t Her Birth Name

While Ginnifer is certainly a unique name, it was not the one that Goodwin was given at birth.

Instead, she was originally known by the more common spelling, Jennifer.

Goodwin changed the spelling of her first name to reflect the pronunciation in her local dialect, which is Memphis, Tennessee.

Voiced A Famous Animated Character

While many actors rely on their face in order to be recognised by fans, Goodwin has also lent her voice to a memorable character.

She voiced the lead role of Judy Hopps in the 2016 film Zootopia, starring opposite Arrested Development and Ozark star Jason Bateman.

She Knew Her Onscreen Daughter Before ‘Once Upon A Time’

In the pilot of Once Upon A Time, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is shown meeting the residents of Storybrooke, including Goodwin’s Mary Margaret, for the first time.

However, in real life, the actors had already known each other for some time, with Goodwin even buying a Grimm fairy tale book as a introductory gift when the pair first met.

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She Studied Acting In The UK

Although Goodwin was born and raised in the United States, the actress revealed during a May 2019 appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden that she had studied at some of the most well-regarded schools in the country.

Later in the interview, Goodwin further elaborated by saying that she had failed a “clowning” class at one of the unidentified schools.

Has An Oscar Win To Her Name

While Goodwin has yet to win an Academy Award for a performance, one of the prestigious awards is attached to her career in another way.

Zootopia won Best Animated Feature at the 2017, with the award being presented to the co-directors, Bryan Howard and Rich Moore as well as producer Clark Spencer.

The Part Of Snow White Was Written For Her

Goodwin played the role of Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard from the pilot episode of Once Upon A Time.

As it turns out, this was exactly what co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had been hoping for.

Being fans of Big Love, the pair had written the part specifically for Goodwin.

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Goodwin And Her “Grandson” Are Relatively Close In Age

While Snow White on Once Upon A Time is a mother and grandmother, a near three decade long curse left her ageless throughout that time. As a result, it looks and sound completely implausible, from a real world perspective, that she could fill either role.

In particular, Goodwin is twenty-two years older in real life than Jared S. Gilmore, who plays her on-screen grandson Henry.

Had Another ABC Pilot Lined Up After ‘Once’ Ended

Shortly before Once Upon A Time‘s series finale ended, it was announced that Goodwin would be returning to ABC in their comedy pilot titled Steps.

However, the project was later reworked into a television movie rather than series, so the return to the network never came to fruition.

Played Two Similarly Named Characters In A Row

As previously mentioned, Goodwin spent five years playing a character named Margene on HBO’s Big Love.

After moving on to a brand new project – Once Upon A Time – she ended up being cast a similarly named character — Mary Margaret, not counting the Snow White component of the character.

Clearly names starting with ‘Mar’ are Goodwin’s good-luck charm.

She Has Been Mistaken For Jennifer Morrison

Long before starring on Once Upon A Time together, Ginnifer Goodwin was mistaken for her future onscreen daughter Jennifer Morrison on occasion.

Although the resemblance is less obvious in their show, with Morrison’s hair being its natural blonde, it is uncanny in the above picture.

Casting them as a time-displaced mother and daughter seems to be fitting.

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