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God Friended Me: Has Miles Already Met The Person Behind The God Account?

by Conor O'Brien

God Friended Me will conclude its run on CBS on April 26 with the two-part series finale titled “Miracles” and “The Mountain” respectively.

One of the key questions going into the finale is whether the series’ overall question will finally be answered. Who is behind the God Account?

Over the course of two seasons, Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) and his friends have encountered a number of different possibilities but all have seemed to be dead ends.

While a new character could be introduced in the finale as the mastermind behind everything, a likelier outcome is that it is someone that Miles (and the audience) already knows.

To date, there have been four people, all men, that were seriously considered as behind potentially the face behind the God Account.

They are Simon Hayes (Adam Goldberg), Henry Chase (Derek Luke), Alphonse Jeffries (Carl Lumbly) and Corey Smith (Cornelius Smith Jr.)

Through social media, it is already known that Smith and Lumbly will be appearing in the series finale. It is unknown, however, whether either of their characters will be revealed as having lied to Miles about their intentions.

After all, if the person successfully bluffed that they had nothing to do with the God Account, they would be free to carry on without worrying about Miles catching them.

Adam Goldberg has not appeared on God Friended Me as Simon Hayes since earlier in season two, when the character was last seen in Paris with Annie Keller (Susan Misner).

Meanwhile, Derek Luke was last on the show as Henry Chase during the season one finale.

Another possibility as to who could be behind it all is Pria Amar (Parminder Nagra), an associate of Simon and Henry as well as being a key character particularly in the first season. She has been known to be manipulative so the reveal would at least have some justification.

Whether it is any of these five or someone else entirely remains to be seen. The series finale of God Friended Me airs April 26 on CBS.

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