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6 Celebrities I’d Like To See On ‘The Masked Singer’ (Spoilers)

by Conor O'Brien
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We are days away from season three of The Masked Singer, which will see eighteen new famous faces go undercover in elaborate costumes. Over the past two seasons, thirty celebrities from diverse backgrounds and notability have starred and the question remains: Who will be on the show next?

It is important to note that at this point, I am not using the costumes to predict that any of my list of six are even in Season 3. These are simply people I’d like to see on the show at some point, realistic or not.

zachary levi – actor (shazam, chuck)

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With roles as the title character in Chuck, Flynn Rider in Tangled and the eponymous hero of Shazam, Levi is a respected and beloved actor with legions of fans around the world.

Aside from his acting success, however, Levi also has a singing background that includes performing on Broadway, which means he wouldn’t be too out of his depth on TMS.

From the little I know of him, Levi comes across as someone who would do something that’s different, fun and interesting.

So, who knows?

whoopi goldberg – actress (ghost, sister act)

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Goldberg is a respected performer with a diverse body of work, from comedies and animation, romantic and dramatic. One of her best known roles is as Deloris Van Cartier in the two Sister Act films, musical comedies. She also reprised this role in the West End, proving her certifiable stage presence.

A true icon in her field, Goldberg would follow in the footsteps of other big name stars such as Gladys Knight and Seal, who have been surprisingly revealed on The Masked Singer.

Goldberg’s former The View co-host Raven Symone appeared in season two, so that could be a form of persuasion to get her onto TMS?

seth macfarlane – actor/voice artist (family guy, ted, the orville)

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Seth MacFarlane’s speaking voice is a crucial part of his successful animation career. He has created, produced and starred in hit adult-based cartoons such as Family Guy and American Dad.

However, his singing voice has not always been given the credit it deserves. As the vocal talent of many characters on Family Guy, MacFarlane can sing well in a number of different voices while sometimes even harmonising with himself.

MacFarlane is also a longtime member of the FOX network family, which is the home of both Family Guy and his live-action space drama The Orville. This would make it easier than most in terms of acquiring someone for the show.

miranda cosgrove – actress (icarly, drake and josh)

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Cosgrove has had a successful acting career from a young age – in the classic Jack Black* film School of Rock as well as Nickelodeon hits Drake and Josh and iCarly.

She also embarked on a singing career, with her well-known songs including About You Know, It’s Raining Sunshine and Stay My Baby.

She is no stranger to performing with just her voice, as the voice of Margo in the Despicable Me films. However, other than those films and her recent factual show Mission Unstoppable, Cosgrove has been mostly absent from the spotlight since 2012.

The Masked Singer could, as it has shown before with past contestants, help remind people of Cosgrove’s singing talents.

*Honourable Mention for this list: Jack Black

kevin jonas – singer/actor (jonas brothers, camp rock)

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Kevin Jonas is a member of the Jonas Brothers, a band formed with his younger brothers Joe and Nick. He serves as the group’s lead guitarist and backing vocalist.

Of the three brothers, Kevin has undeniably had the least time in the spotlight. Joe took the lead in the Camp Rock movies while Nick has had a successful career as an actor alongside music.

It is worth pointing out that this is due to Kevin’s decision to raise a family – he has two daughters with his wife. Many contestants on The Masked Singer have been persuaded to sign up by their children or other younger relatives.

For many longtime fans of the band, it would surely be rewarding to see the oldest Jonas Brother finally take centre stage.

Furthermore, Kevin was actually one of the judging panel’s guesses at one point during Season 2 as the Rottweiler. Other previously guessed incorrect celebrities have also turned up on the show, so this could be worth noting.

neil patrick harris – actor (himym, doogie howser)

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Harris is a rare case for The Masked Singer, being guessed in two adaptations (US and UK) without appearing on the show. He is a modern day renaissance man as an actor, singer, comedian and magician, traits which would make him a fantastic contestant.

Additionally, Harris already has connections to the show. He has worked in the past with both judge Nicole Scherzinger and the season two winner.

Also a father of young children, this could be another way to entice Harris onto The Masked Singer.

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