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Why ‘The Masked Singer’ Needs Ken Jeong

by Conor O'Brien
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Since The Masked Singer‘s growth into a global franchise over the past twelve months, comedian Ken Jeong has become a face almost syononomous with the format.

For those unfamiliar, Ken is a comedian and qualified doctor, best known for his roles as Leslie Chow in The Hangover trilogy and Ben Chang on Community for six seasons.

To date, Ken has appeared in three iterations of The Masked Singer worldwide. He has been a judge on both the American and British versions while also guest starring on South Korea’s King Of Mask Singer, the originator.

With his profession as a comedian, Ken helps inject humour into both series of The Masked Singer on either side of the Atlantic.

Perhaps more so than any of the other six panellists he has worked alongside, Ken plays the most into what is already a ridiculous although very hilarious situation to be in. Whether it’s making outlandish, unrealistic guesses to knowing exactly who someone is under a mask (spoiler: he usually doesn’t).

On the American show, Ken has spent enough time in the company of host Nick Cannon and his fellow judges to build up a comedic rapport, adding playful disputes to the mix.

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Image: ITV

When ITV made the decision to have The Masked Singer be a Saturday night prime time show in Great Britain, Ken was hired to continue his role. Not only is he a familiar face due to his well-known work in comedy, he also serves as a link to the American version.

Ken (as well as his temporary replacement Donny Osmond) provide recognition for stateside viewers who may have not wanted to watch for fear of not knowing who any of the people; host, judges or contestants, even were.

In my opinion, The Masked Singer would be a lot less entertaining without Ken.

While he can be the butt of jokes by virtue of his guesses, Ken embraces and enhances the fun of it all in a way that no other judge, to my knowledge, has done thus far.

The Masked Singer UK airs its next episode on Saturday February 1 on ITV while The Masked Singer USA returns for its third season the following day.

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