Taskmaster Series 15 includes Ghosts star Kiell Smith-Bynoe on board, but he’s not the first actor from the BBC sitcom to appear.

On the face of it, Taskmaster and Ghosts are wholly unrelated.

One’s on Channel 4, the other’s on BBC One. While Taskmaster is a panel show, Ghosts is a character driven-sitcom.

Yet, in recent years, the shows have become intertwined through several Ghosts cast members signing up to do Taskmaster.

To date, they’ve all been in individual series, to varying degrees of success.

Let’s see who’s swapped Button House for Greg Davies’ point scoring wrath.

Kiell Smith-Bynoe (Series 15)

Channel 4

Kiell, who’s appearing in the currently airing Series 15, portrays Mike Cooper on Ghosts.

Mike is Alison’s (Charlotte Ritchie) husband who moves into Button House with her at the start of the series. Once there, they soon discover their new home is filled with an assortment of ghosts.

As for Taskmaster, Smith-Bynoe competes against comedians Jenny Eclair, Mae Martin, Ivo Graham and Frankie Boyle.

Although he had a strong first episode, scoring has since gone against Smith-Bynoe.

He is currently bottom of the leaderboard for series 15, at time of writing.

Bridget Christie (Series 13)

B Taskmaster
Channel 4

Unlike most on this list, Bridget Christie had a small role on Ghosts. She plays Annie, the ghost of a puritan lady who used to haunt Button House.

A close friend of Mary’s (Katy Wix), Annie was “sucked off” (moved on) before the events of the show.

Meanwhile, Christie competed on Taskmaster in 2022 for Series 13.

She was up against Judi Love, Chris Ramsey, Sophie Duker and Ardal O’Hanlon.

Christie went on to finish in third place.

Charlotte Ritchie (Series 11)

C Taskmaster
Channel 4

Charlotte Ritchie is the leading lady of Ghosts, playing Alison Cooper.

Alison inherits Button House in the first episode and moves in with her husband, Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe).

Although initially unable to see the ghosts, she later gains the ability after a near fatal accident.

Unfortunately, Ritchie’s time on Taskmaster was much less illustrious.

Competing in 2021, she finished in fifth (last) place during series 11.

Katy Wix (Series 9)

Channel 4

Katy Wix plays Mary on Ghosts, but also competed on Taskmaster series 9 in 2019.

Wix made Taskmaster history by missing two episodes due to illness – leading to former champions Katherine Ryan and Kerry Godliman stepping in.

Joining Wix in series 9 were Jo Brand, Ed Gamble, David Baddiel and Rose Matafeo.

Ultimately, Gamble took home the win while Wix finished third.

Jessica Knappett (Series 7)

Channel 4

Lucy, Jessica Knappett’s Ghosts character, was very much a polarising figure.

She originally introduced herself as Alison’s long-lost half sister, only to be later revealed as a con artist trying to steal Alison’s money.

Lucy came very close to successfully tricking Alison, only for the ghosts to intercept at the last minute.

Her Taskmaster run ended similarly – being bested by Kerry Godliman for the top spot.

Lolly Adefope (Series 4)

Channel 4

Among all the ghosts on Ghosts, Lolly Adefope’s Kitty is a symbol of innocence and naivety.

Despite dying as a young adult, Kitty retains a child-like personality and lack of awareness about the world.

Kitty is arguably the first of the ghosts to fully embrace Alison and Mike, mainly the former.

Interestingly, Adefope’s Taskmaster stint predated her time on Ghosts.

She took part in series 4 back in 2017. finishing in last place.

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