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Who Could Be The Mother Of Kevin’s Son On This Is Us?

by Conor O'Brien
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The third season finale of This Is Us revealed that unlucky in love Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) has a son in the future.

So, who is the mystery mother?

Throughout the show’s history to date, Kevin has had a string of unsuccessful romances and thus a number of possibilities to who he may have had a child with.

Or, it’s a new person entirely that we have not met yet.

I will be going through some of the possible candidates to see who the lucky lady could possibly be…


Played by Alexandra Breckenridge, Sophie is Kevin’s ex-wife and also former girlfriend after briefly reuniting.

While she does have accurate physical traits to be the boy’s mother, Sophie was engaged to another man when we last saw her. Of course, people break up, but right now it’s somewhat of a stretch.


Played by Melanie Liburd, Kevin’s most recent ex-girlfriend at the end of season three.

We can rule Zoe out for a number of reasons. Primarily that she does not want children, hence the breakup with Kevin.

Zoe is also African-American, so unless the boy is adopted (which is unlikely as he resembles young Kevin), she could not plausibly be the mother.


Played by Caitlin Thompson, Madison is a friend Kate met while on her weight-loss regime. She had a brief flirtation with Kevin, who asked Randall to ‘don’t let [me] sleep with her’ during the Season 2 finale.

Like Sophie, she also matches the physical traits to feasibly be the mother.

However, there is one major reason going against her. Thompson is married to This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman and he has stated in the past that he would not write a storyline where his wife would ‘sleep with Justin Hartley on national television’.


Played by Janet Montgomery, Olivia was a Broadway star and Kevin’s girlfriend in the first season. Also a Caucasian blonde, she fits the physical description to match the boy.

However, Olivia has not been seen or mentioned since the first season, which makes it unlikely to be her.

Jennifer morrison’s unnamed character

Ever since Morrison’s This Is Us was announced, speculation has been rife that she would be playing a love interest for Kevin and subsequent mother of his son.

However, as TVLine noted in their analysis of the Season 4 trailer, Morrison’s character can be seen hugging a man (played by Nick Weschler) which suggests that this is her husband.

If Morrison is with Kevin, it could possibly an affair, which would seem out of character for Kevin. Or Weschler’s character has some other connection to Morrison’s.


After looking at all those choices, I think the best bet is Sophie, with Morrison’s mystery character as a close second.

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