Following the news of Carlos Valdes’ departure from The Flash, we look back the legacy of Cisco Ramon, who has been by the Scarlet Speedster’s side from the very beginning.

Star Labs mechanical engineer Francisco “Cisco” Ramon has been a central character on The Flash since the show premiered in 2014. He is played by actor and singer Carlos Valdes, who was previously known for his involvement in StarKid productions at the University of Michigan.

In May 2020, Deadline and other sources reported that Valdes and co-star Tom Cavanagh (Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash and Harrison Wells) would exit The Flash after seven seasons of series regulars. In particular, the absence of Cisco Ramon will be felt by his best friend and longtime collaborator, Barry Allen/The Flash.

Cisco was there from the very first moment after Barry woke up with superhuman speed. He had helped monitor the CSI’s progress after being struck by lightning and left in a coma for nine months. As well as all this, Cisco even had the initiative to browse Barry’s Facebook to find out what music he liked.

Cisco Ramon
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Cisco Ramon has undergone many changes since The Flash began seven years ago. Originally solely contributing his technical expertise and meta-human naming, Cisco later discovered powers of his own. Adopting the name Vibe, Cisco Ramon protected Central City alongside The Flash, Kid Flash, Frost, Elongated Man, XS and more for a number of years.

In Season 5, Cisco gave up his powers and took the metahuman cure for a chance at a ‘normal life’ with his new girlfriend, Kamilla (Victoria Park), although he remained a constant presence at Star Labs. While Cisco was mentored in a sense by the likes of Harrison Wells and Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), he later took on a more experienced role for himself.

At different points, Cisco Ramon was a supportive figure to Wally West, Ralph Dibny, Nora West-Allen and Frost at the beginning of their superhero journeys. More recently, Cisco assisted Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) in overcoming the traumas of his past when the pair were stuck in 1998.

Perhaps more so than any other person on the show, Cisco has been a loyal friend. He stood by the original “Harrison Wells” after the particle accelerator explosion, unaware that he had actually been working for the Reverse Flash. On countless occasions, Cisco has provided counsel for Barry, Caitlin and other members of Team Flash when they needed someone to talk to.

Cisco Ramon
Image courtesy of The CW

Back in Season 1, Cisco was very much a deer caught in headlights. If you remember, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) successfully tortured Cisco for The Flash’s true identity. It would have been hard to imagine that the man-child-esque pop culture aficionado from the show’s early days would evolve into what he has become.

For a long time, Cisco Ramon was also in Barry Allen’s shadow. After all, Cisco was the one who designed the original suit and associated tech but had to enjoy these triumphs quietly. Ultimately, as the show progressed, Cisco learned what it meant to be a hero and became his own man. He found love several times, and although it was not always returned, he had plenty to give.

He experienced loss in the form of his brother Dante (Nicholas Gonzalez) and former flame Gypsy (Jessica Camacho), but managed to overcome these tragedies and grow as a person.

Even after these reflective thoughts, one thing is clear. Without Cisco, The Flash would not be what is today. He brought lightness and sense of exuberance, even when situations looked dire for the team as a whole. He began as an employee at a disgraced laboratory and has become pivotal to the success of Central City’s greatest hero, The Flash.

At this point in time, it is unclear how Cisco Ramon will leave the show. Fans can only hope that he receives an exit which honours the years that Carlos Valdes contributed with his performance. After all the time invested into the character, Cisco deserves to go out on a high, not lowered into the ground.

From Courageous Nerd to Carlos Valdes, we thank you for seven seasons with this wonderful character and wish all the best in your future endeavours.

And with that…. Farewell, Cisco Ramon.

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