Cameron Gellman plays troubled high school student Rick Tyler in DC’s Stargirl. However, Rick has begun taking steps to become DC hero Hourman. Find out more about actor Cameron Gellman, who plays the character.

Cameron Gellman has played series regular Rick Harris (formerly Rick Tyler) on DC’s Stargirl since the pilot aired in May 2020. Following in the footsteps of his late father Rex (Lou Ferrigno Jr), Rick is on his way to becoming Hourman, a member of the Justice Society of America (JSA).

Unlike his school-aged character, Gellman is a bit older in real life. The St. Louis, Missouri native is actually 21 years of age, with his birthday falling in October 1998.

Prior to joining Stargirl, Cameron Gellman appeared in a number of television series, TV movies and films. This includes the soap opera Days of Our Lives, where he played an unnamed character in 2016. Additionally, Gellman played a similarly small role in a very different superhero series – Nickelodeon sitcom The Thundermans.

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Gellman has also starred in feature films, such as 20th Century Women (opposite Elle Fanning and Billy Crudup) and Charlie Says (alongside Game of Thrones star Hannah Murray and Matt Smith). His short films projects comprise When Strangers Touch Your Hair (2017) and Venus (2018).

Furthermore, Gellman has made named character appearances in multiple television series, ranging from one episode to a recurring part. In 2017, he played the character “Liam” in 3 episodes of Relationship Status and also appeared as “Kyle” in the pilot episode of Let The Right One In for TNT. The latter show was eventually passed on and not produced for series. Gellman played the role of “Kurt Kelly” in the first (and only) season of Heathers.

Additional shows that Gellman has appeared in range from The Middle, The Good Doctor, Solve and The Fosters.

Stargirl airs on DC Universe and The CW.

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