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For anyone who is unfamiliar, Blind Wave is a YouTube channel that has grown significantly over the past couple of years. More recently on a full-time basis, they produce a wide variety of content; reacting to various television series and anime, movie commentaries, game nights and live streaming video games on Twitch, to name just a few examples.

Some shows that they react/have reacted to include Game of Thrones, Sherlock, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Chuck, Black Sails, This Is Us and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

There are five regular Crew members, listed in the order that they are usually seated: Eric Whiteley, Shane Farley, Rick Martin, Calvin Grubb and Aaron Elliot. Various other friends, spouses and other YouTube channels have also appeared in videos.

How did it all get started? A question surely on anyone’s mind after seeing someone experience success. It was answered in a video commemorating the channel reaching sixty-thousand subscribers. (They now have 494K)

In its essence, Blind Wave began with two friendship pairs coming together to make a group of four.

Eric and Shane had known each other since their teenage years after meeting through a mutual friend. Meanwhile, Aaron and Rick were friends since second grade (between 7-8 for anyone outside North America).

After making initial connections through college, the group soon began choreographing and recording lightsaber fights for online competitions. After Rick was unable to attend on one occasion, he sent his brother-in-law in his stead: Calvin.

Eric, Shane, Aaron and Calvin were the four original members of Blind Wave, with Rick later coming on board as the full-time fifth member in 2017.

The channel now has its own space to film and edit reactions, graduating from the early days in Eric’s basement. Some actors from shows they have reacted to: Luke Arnold (Black Sails) and Michelle Harrison (The Flash), have made cameo appearances.

All five members can be found on various social media sites by searching the full names provided above.

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