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Who Didn’t Have Powers in ‘Gone’ And How Did They Contribute To The Plot?

by Conor O'Brien

Throughout Michael Grant’s Gone novels, many of the characters develop extraordinary powers and abilities that were not even possible in their pre-FAYZ lives.

Of course, as the stories need to be interesting to keep readers onboard, many of these powered people are important characters across the series. We all know Sam, Caine, Lana, Diana to name just a few.

What would be the fun in reading about the bystanders who can only observe?

However, there are a select few characters who appear in many of the original novels that do not possess any powers. They are important in their own significant ways.

Astrid, on the surface, fills a very clear purpose. The object of our protagonist’s affection turned girlfriend. Thankfully, she is a much more meaningful character than this. Known as Astrid the Genius, she is the brains of the newly formed FAYZ society and often makes decisions that Sam cannot.

It should be noted that Astrid was given a power at the end of the first book, however, it was later retracted. For this reason, it is non-canon so we can assume that the character made a mistake or she was speaking metaphorically. Up to interpretation.

Edilio is a Honduran immigrant and one of the first people to step up as a leader. He has no powers other than, as Astrid put it, ‘being Edilio’, which was a compliment considering his ability to hold his own amongst the ‘moofs’. A competent fighter and loyal lieutenant under Sam’s leadership, he later takes charge in his own right.

Edilio put his life on the line multiple times for people who looked down on him, called him ‘wetback’ and suggested, before the FAYZ, that he was in the country illegally. He did things that no one else wanted to, like burying the dead and accepting responsibility for himself early on, when people didn’t know what to do.

Quinn is Sam’s best friend and another key individual without powers. This plays into his character arc for the first novel, where Quinn becomes a minor antagonist by informing Caine of Sam’s powers, though he later redeems himself.

Later on in the series, Quinn matures and becomes the FAYZ’s main source of food – through fishing. He is not procuring the fish through an advanced, super-powered method but good old fashioned sitting in a boat and hoping for the best.

Albert showed his business acumen early on, when he took control of the vacated McDonalds and ran the business until the food ran out. While he is never formally the Mayor, everyone knows that Albert is truly in control by virtue of his accumulated empire and the power that comes with it. He takes profits in Quinn’s fishing and creates the FAYZ currency, which are later named ‘Bertos by Howard.

Howard, a known crook, is associated throughout the series with many of the powerful people in the FAYZ, mainly Orc, a ‘friend’ turned friend as well as Sam and Caine, being allied with both at different points. He is responsible for the naming of the FAYZ and its currency.

Mary looked after the younger children from the beginning, contributing to the FAYZ in her own way. As someone with no powers, this job was suited to her – she can’t fight, but can protect.

Sadly, Mary’s story took a dark turn and while this kept her relevant for a while in a world full of more interesting people, it could not last forever.

Dahra, using basic medical knowledge, became the FAYZ’s doctor from the first novel. While she cannot heal people with powers like Lana, she is a valuable commodity in the community. She looked after the people that were hurt, while the more cavalier Lana simply wanted to heal them and be done.

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