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Who Are Engage, The Company Producing Gone TV?

by Conor O'Brien

Since first being published in 2008, Michael Grant’s GONE books have had a back and forth journey in adapting the novels for television.

After the rights were initially acquired by SONY, the responsibility now lies with Engage, a UK-based production company.

But who are Engage? And how did they even get involved in the first place?

The process of GONE finding its way into Engage’s hands started with a young woman named Imogen Hennell.

Imogen, a fan of the books, heard from her father Ian that he had invested money into Engage Productions. She later attended a party which BAFTA-winning producer AJ Riach was also present at, although the two did not speak.

After speaking with her father, Imogen contacted Michael Grant on Twitter and found out there were no imminent plans to adapt GONE. She passed this on to her father, who spoke with AJ Riach and the latter subsequently acquired the rights after reading the books.

Since Engage bought the rights, a teaser was shot for marketing purposes in late 2019, featuring a combination of professional actors and fans playing five major characters from the novels – Sam Temple, Edilio Escobar, Albert Hillsborough, Dekka Talent and EZ.

What happens next in the process remains to be seen. You can follow Michael Grant on Twitter here, Engage here and Imogen Hennell here.

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