Courageous Nerd was founded by Conor O’Brien, an aspiring UK screenwriter, in June 2019. An avid fan of film, television, and literature, he created the site as an outlet to express himself.

Since starting the Courageous Nerd journey, Conor has written about various television shows, films and books. Additionally, he has been fortunate enough to have received positive feedback on occasion, from people that had been written about.

On the TV side, some of Conor’s all-time favourite shows include LOST (2004-2010), The Flash (2014 – present) and Breaking Bad (2008-2013). He is also unashamedly a fan of reality television such as The Masked Singer and The Circle.

Some of his favourite films include To Kill A Mockingbird, Psycho and Reservoir Dogs. Additionally, he also enjoys franchises such as Harry Potter and Pixar. A recent favourite has been Jordan Peele’s Get Out, which altered the landscape of the director’s career.

We hope that you enjoy reading the content on Courageous Nerd.

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