IT says a lot when a show with a long history covers new ground – the iCarly season 3 finale did just that.

Season 3 of the revival has come to an end – with a bombshell rocking iCarly‘s 15-year history to date.

Spoilers ahead if you have not seen Season 3, Episode 10, “iHave a Proposal”.

After an eventful episode including flesh-eating plants, miscommunication, and an elopement, what else could happen?

Family Reunion – iCarly season 3 finale

Just as the episode ends, a figure arrives off-camera, to the surprise of Spencer and Carly, who emotionally says, “Mom?”

Thus, bringing an action-packed iCarly season 3 to a suspenseful close.

The identity and whereabouts of Carly and Spencer’s mother loomed large over both the OG series and revival.

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Viewers have already met their father and grandfather. What about Mrs Shay?

The original series never gave a confirmation of her fate, so all sorts of theories flew about.

For example, Mrs. Shay may have been dead, left the family, or was never in the picture at all.

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Now, 15 years since the characters debuted, viewers finally start to get answers in iCarly season 3.

While not said outright, dialogue from Spener and Carly in the season 3 finale seems to infer their mother walked out on them.

This revelation and Mrs. Shay’s subsequent return have a huge impact on a potential season 4.

Both Carly and Spencer rationalised their lack of long-term, meaningful relationships due to the aftermath of what Mrs. Shay did.

iCarly season 3 finale
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Carly has also rarely discussed her mother and avoided the topic when it came up in an earlier episode.

Of course, iCarly is a comedy, but there’s huge scope to explore the Shay siblings’ deepest feelings about their mother.

This storyline also allows Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor, who are well-versed in comedy, to show off their dramatic acting chops.

They have previously had heavier (at least for iCarly) scenes across both shows. Now, it will be interesting to see how both characters take their mother’s return.

Will they… or won’t they?

Wedding bells were in the air during the finale.

The episode centred on Lewbert and Mrs Benson’s wedding, of course.

However, it also explored Carly and Freddie’s individual views on marriage.

In other words, their different feelings about nuptials, thanks to miscommunication via Spencer.

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Despite being a two-time divorcé, Freddie is all in and hopes to marry Carly.

Meanwhile, while Carly loves Freddie, she is hesitant…

Carly’s negative feelings toward marriage have nothing to do with Freddie, but everything to do with insecurities stemming from her mother.

Just as the lovebirds find themselves on the same page, the episode ends with the Mrs Shay cliffhanger.

Moving Forward

As Mrs. Shay was not shown on-screen, there’s no indication as of yet to who’ll play the role.

This is probably the most important character introduction in iCarly history, so it’s one they need to nail.

Whether it’s a recognisable name or someone lesser-known, it will be interesting to see their chemistry with Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor.

It’s almost two decades in the making – who knows what the future will hold?

Any further information about iCarly will likely be on hold until the SAG-AFTRA strike concludes.

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