Sofia Hasmik, who plays Chrissy Beppo on The CW’s Superman and Lois, discusses her time on the show so far including first landing the role.

At first, Sofia Hasmik was a recurring character on Superman and Lois. She was promoted to series regular for Season 2 with her character Chrissy Beppo becoming more involved in the storyline.

In the interview below, we ask Sofia all about her time on the show far – from auditioning to the cast member she was most excited to work with.

While you’re currently on Superman and Lois, how did your interest in acting first start? Did you always want to pursue it professionally?

Sofia Hasmik: My interest in acting started with figure skating, really. I did that for thirteen year and when I
quit, I found that the thing I loved most about it was that it offered me an outlet to express myself.

It’s really a form of storytelling. So, rather randomly, I took an acting elective in high school and found that it offered a similar outlet and freedom. It felt like such a roundabout way to find the thing that clicked but that was my journey.

Speaking of Superman and Lois, how was the audition process to play Chrissy Beppo?

Sofia Hasmik: The audition for Superman & Lois came at peak pandemic. It was a self-tape request and I
started working on it shortly after receiving it.

I wasn’t deeply familiar with the DC world so it felt a little like a crash course. So, I researched, watched movies, shows, really anything to familiarize myself as much as possible. I knew the weight that Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane carried and how important it is for so many people.

To be totally honest, I really didn’t think anything was going to come from that audition. I am so happy I was wrong!

Has being on the show been different than what you originally thought? Is the character like you’d thought when auditioning?

Sofia Hasmik: Chrissy is exactly who I thought she was. I mean, she’s grown of course in such incredible
ways, but the core of her has always been the same. Hardworking, a go-getter, great fashion sense, rambles a bit in her very Chrissy way when she’s excited or nervous — just a real riot.

Being on this show has and is the biggest blessing I could’ve asked for. I was really nervous leading up to Chrissy’s introduction in episode 102, but it very quickly disappeared that first day on set.

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As part of the trend on The CW’s superhero shows, you’ve played multiple versions of your character. How have you found that, from an acting perspective?

Sofia Hasmik: Playing Bizarro Chrissy was such a trip. It was Chrissy but it also wasn’t. We filmed at the
backlot and everything was familiar but just off a bit.

Well, more than bit actually. It really added to the feeling of it being another world/time/space.

I felt like her inner energy was different, heightened. Her wardrobe was an absolute knock out. And on top of everything else, I got to speak backwards which is a whole lot harder than one would think. It was a lot of me walking around Vancouver listening to voice memos and talking to myself. Good fun and probably so strange to see.

Considering Chrissy is a journalist, did you do any research into what her career might be like?

Sofia Hasmik: Chrissy was described as a go-getter in the audition breakdown. Tying that in with the fact that she is journalist made all the sense to me.

It was revealed too that she not only works at the Gazette but that she runs it completely on her own. The weight of that alone is incredible. The biggest question and what I wanted to figure out was why she chose the career path she did.

Researching what a career in journalism would entail made it clear to me that for Chrissy, it was
absolutely her passion. It requires so much of you and is such important work.

Out of everything you’ve done on Superman and Lois so far, what most excited you when first reading the script?

Sofia Hasmik: What excites me the most has to be what I call the adventures of Lois and Chrissy.

Their interactions when they are investigating together and the high-stakes high pressure situations they find themselves in, really excite me. I love their dynamic.

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Before filming, was there a cast member that you particularly wanted to work with?

Sofia Hasmik: I wouldn’t say there was one particular actor. Everyone is so talented and each character is so compelling.

But during filming, Emmanuelle and I would run lines together for our respective scenes. So I was beyond excited when we finally had scenes together!

Is there anything you can tease about what’s to come on Superman and Lois?

Sofia Hasmik: What can I tease…hmmm. Honestly, hold on to your seat because each episode is a rollercoaster packed with emotion and wild adventure.

Are there any other upcoming projects you’d like to shout out about?

Sofia Hasmik: Right now, I’m all for shouting out about Superman & Lois. I’m so proud of the hard work everyone has poured into this show.

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