Terry McGurrin takes on the role of Chris McLean for the new Total Drama Island reboot, but it’s not his only link to the franchise.

Following a 9-year hiatus, a new Total Drama Island reboot premiered in 2023.

The original series debutedon July 8, 2007 on Teletoon and introduced a cast of 22 contestants (“campers”).

They were fighting to win $100,000 at Camp Wawanakwa, a “crummy old summer camp” in Muskoka, Ontario.

Island’s success spawned 5 further seasons from 2008-2014.

Namely, Action, World Tour, Revenge of the Island, All-Stars and Pahkitew Island.

However, none of the original cast returned returned for the new iteration.

Among the initial cast were Sarah Gadon (Alias Grace, True Detective), Scott McCord (From), Drew Nelson (The Strain) and Brian Froud (Jimmy Two-Shoes).

The reboot features new contestants which explains most of the actor absences.

However, Terry McGurrin steps into the role of the show’s host, Chris McLean.

Chris had previously been voiced by the same actor throughout the entire run.

Who is Terry McGurrin?

Terry McGurrin at Winnipeg Comedy Festival (2017)

Although not the original voice of Chris, McGurrin is a veteran comedian, actor and writer.

As a voice actor, he is best known for voicing Jonesy on 6Teen. The same production company, Fresh TV, were behind both 6Teen and Total Drama.

He also has extensive links to the Total Drama franchise already.

Back in 2015, McGurrin voiced “Don”, host of spin-off series The Ridonculous Race.

This was essentially a take on The Amazing Race featuring teams of two racing to different destinations around the world.

Some original Total Drama Island characters competed in that series alongside new additions.

McGurrin has also written for Total Drama for many years, so he would be very familiar with the format.

Considering this experience, there’s no question that Terry McGurrin is a solid choice to take over as Chris.

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