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Lance Reddick death: Video Tribute | See You Again

by Conor O'Brien
Lance Reddick Death

Courageous Nerd’s video tribute to actor Lance Reddick, whose death was announced in March 2023.

The death of Lance Reddick announced yesterday by Deadline and other sources, came as a surprise to his fans and colleagues.

Reddick, who was 60, appeared in several projects including LOST, Fringe, Bosch, Oz and the John Wick film franchise.

Arguably his best-known television role as on The Wire, where he played Baltimore police officer Cedric Daniels for all 5 seasons.

In fact, Reddick appeared in more episodes of The Wire than any other cast member.

Below is our video tribute to Reddick’s career and legacy.

Rest in peace, Lance Reddick.

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