Georgia Scarlet Waters discusses playing “Penelope” in the new Syfy series Reginald The Vampire as well as her past work on Siren and other projects.

Originally from the UK, actress Georgia Scarlet Waters has seen her work take her overseas. Georgia played the recurring character Eliza (Elizabeth) on the Freeform series Siren. The show aired between 2018-2020 for 3 seasons.

Now, Georgia stars in the upcoming Syfy series Reginald The Vampire, opposite Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds in the MCU films). She plays the role of Penelope, the vampire who turns Reginald (Batalon) into a creature of the night.

Read on below for Courageous Nerd‘s interview with Georgia. Or, check out the video version, linked below.

Although originally from the UK, you’re now based in Vancouver. Were acting opportunities the primary factor for the move?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: Yeah, definitely, also, the nature here is beautiful. The mountains and the sea. So much gets filmed here and it kind of seemed like a good place to base myself [in]. Since I have, I’ve been filming a lot here.

Reginald The Vampire was actually filmed in Victoria, an island off of Vancouver.

How did you first start acting; was it originally a hobby or did you always want to pursue acting professionally?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: I guess when I was a child, it started as a hobby. In my head, I always knew I wanted to do it professionally. I did plays at school and at University, I actually studied English Literature. Doing the thing my parents wanted me to do, get a degree.

Whilst I was there, I did all the theatre productions which is how I got scouted by my first agent. So, I was like, “Okay, this is the path I will pursue.”

You play “Penelope” on upcoming series Reginald The Vampire for Syfy. What can you tell us about the show and your character?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: Reginald The Vampire is about vampires but if you’re going in expecting Interview with The Vampire/Dracula, I think you will be disappointed. It’s very much a comedy-drama. Leaning into the comedy and absurdity to highlight the shallowness of the vampire world.

We really put vampires on this pedestal of being these dangerous, seductive beings. Actually, maybe they’re just shallow and flawed.

Rachelle Goulding, Jacob Batalon and Georgia Scarlet Waters in Reginald The Vampire (SyFy)

At the centre of it is Reginald, who is the kind of anti-hero at the beginning. What his character and his development do is really question what the role of a hero is. We can all be the hero of our own stories. [Reginald] being such a charismatic, kind person is what we should all be aiming for, really, rather than destruction.

Penelope is one of the stereotypical vampires. It’s not a spoiler because it happens early on – the title Reginald The Vampire – you know Reginald turns into a vampire. My character is feasting on Reginald which leads down the path of him being turned into a vampire which our clan leader is absolutely outraged by.

Usually, we have an image to keep up and so my character is trying to undo the mess a little bit. At the same time, pandering to the leader, trying to be mischievous and getting up to her own vampiric tricks.

Vampires have a rich history through all forms of media – film, television, novels. Did you have any influence in mind when playing Penelope?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: I guess I did do a fusion of the more traditional vampires. Penelope, she comes from the Victorian Era which is shown in the clothing that you’ll see. She’s very much on that side. You’ll see in future episodes that I pull in the comedy aspect to show she’s also quirky and clumsy, the more humourous side of her. The human side, too.

Reginald The Vampire is based on the Fat Vampire series by Johnny B. Truant. Did you familiarise yourself with the source material before or after being cast?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: I did read a lot of the books, the first five. I realised it’s quite a different leaning from the books. Some of the characters are still the same but a lot of them are different. There are whole new characters in it as well.

I think it helped me get an idea of the world and vampires vs humans. It gave me a lot of context, I guess, for the world, they’re creating. They’ve definitely taken it and twisted it into what Reginald The Vampire is.

MCU star Jacob Batalon (aka Ned Leeds) plays Reginald on the show. How was your experience working with Jacob, with this being his first major project since Spider-Man?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: He was nothing but wonderful. Such a lovely person, so relaxed, chill and also kept the energy and atmosphere up. It was long, hard days, especially as a lot of it was at night. I was in awe of the energy he would be able to bring but also making sure that everyone was staying upbeat.

Even though some of the scenes we had to do were in the cold, dark alleys – like the scene where we had to turn by biting him. I was just bowing down to his energy and positivity. Yeah, it was a real pleasure working with Jacob.

Georgia Scarlet Waters in Siren (Freeform)

You’ve also had roles on Legends of Tomorrow and Siren, playing Eliza on the latter. Do you have an acting experience that stands out so far?

Georgia Sacrlet Waters: I would say fans of Siren would definitely crossover with Reginald The Vampire because it’s otherwordly, mythical creatures, which seems to be things I get cast in. The characters are very, very different.

Eliza in Siren, she was the kind of gentle healer mermaid. [She] was there to kind of help everyone and help solve problems. Whereas Penelope is the opposite of that. She is creating problems and very different, looks and accent-wise. This is the first time I’ve actually played an English accent. Toys of Terror had an American accent and Siren had a sort of Scandinavian accent.

This has been a departure from what I’ve done recently. Also, playing a seductress. Eliza or my role in Toys of Terror wasn’t that, it’s fun doing something different this time.

In addition to acting, your pastimes include swimming and tae-kwon-do. Have you been able to use these skills for stunt work?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: Swimming, I definitely did with Siren, which was lucky as there was a lot of underwater tank work. If you weren’t comfortable swimming, it would’ve been really challenging. They trained us up more because I hadn’t ever done diving. So, we practised free diving which is holding your breath underwater for a long time.

Also, using a respirator underwater. You’d be weighted at the bottom of this massive tank having the respirator to breathe. Then, giving it away during scenes and putting it back on. That was a fun and interesting thing.

I haven’t been able to use much Tae-Kwon-Do yet. But we’ll see, who knows? It would be nice to make use of it more as a lot of my characters previously have been benevolent and gentle Maybe now I’ll be able to do some more dark action roles.

Do you have any specific goals or accomplishments set out for yourself?

Georgia Scarlet Waters: Well, I guess what I was touching on before, to see one of my writing projects actually come to fruition. That would be a very special thing. That’s my main focus at the moment.

Then, with acting, I’d love to do a period drama. So, we’ll see if that happens and then as you say, maybe something that involves more of my Tae-Kwon-Do experience. I guess it’s just following a trajectory…

I still love all the supernatural worlds I get to play in. More of that would also be great; more of the same and also more, hopefully.

Thank you for taking the time, Georgia. All the best, take care and stay safe!

Georgia Scarlet Waters: Thank you so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you and take care yourself.

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