Rising actress Zion Broadnax discussed starring alongside Jamie Foxx and Meaghan Good in “Day Shift”, now streaming on Netflix.

11-year old Zion Broadnax is on her way to becoming a star. She stars opposite Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx in the new film Day Shift, which began streaming on Netflix on August 12.

She is a trained dancer from Debbie Allen Dance Academy where she performed in the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker, which was documented for Netflix.

In addition, Zion’s other acting projects include Abbott Elementary, Sydney to The Max, Station 19 and the BET Network movie Holly Day, where she played a lead role.

Welcome, Zion, thanks for taking the time to chat. How are you doing?

Zion Broadnax: I’m well thank you for having me.

You can currently be seen co-starring opposite Jamie Foxx, Meagan Good, Snopp Dogg, and Dave Franco, among others, in Day Shift on Netflix. Before that, how did you discover your interest in acting?

Zion Broadnax: Yes, it was such a blessing and an honor to work amongst some of the greats during filming of Day Shift

My interest started at the tender age of 8 while taking up cultural dancing at The Heart Academy. Ms. Vernae Watson saw and told my parents “she got it” and when asked if I wanted to act it was a quick yes! And here I am today.

For anyone who may be unfamiliar, how would you describe the premise of Day Shift? 

Zion Broadnax: Fun-filled, being on the red carpet was amazing! Watching the movie all together was the best energy, it was super exciting. I was even asked for my autograph…

What did you take away from working on that project?

Zion Broadnax: To put in the time, preparation, work, and most importantly just have fun with it 

Being only 11 years of age, do you find it challenging to balance an acting career alongside growing up? 

Zion Broadnax: It can be challenging at times like anything else when multitasking a lot of things at once. However, my parents always make sure there’s a healthy balance between my acting career (which I love) and having a childhood where everything just falls into place.

Image courtesy of Netflix

As mentioned, Jamie Foxx and Meagan Good play your parents in Day Shift. How did you find creating that on-screen chemistry with them? 

Zion Broadnax: First I like to say how much I loved being part of the Day Shift family! Working with Mr. Jamie and Ms. Meagan was such a valuable experience for me. They’re both amazing actors who made it quite easy for my character to connect with theirs. They and the rest of the cast and production team created a team-player environment that was welcoming and fun at the same time and I will be forever grateful for that. 

As well as acting, you also have a background in dancing. To what extent does one art form tie into the other? 

Zion Broadnax: Yes, I have experience in different kinds of cultural dancing, but what ties them both together to me is that practice makes perfect. 

When you’re not working on a Film or TV project, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

Zion Broadnax: I love spending time with my family and friends, learning new meals to cook (along with the supervision of my parents of course), dancing, and martial art training just to name a few. 

Image courtesy of Justine Scott

What can people expect or look out for from you in the near future? Are there any projects you can talk about?

Zion Broadnax: What’s next is me voicing Mo Malto in the new cartoon series EarthSpark Transformers coming out this November airing on Paramount + and Nickelodeon. So please check me and the rest of my EarthSaprk family out! Super excited and can’t wait for you all to tune in!

Thanks for taking the time, Zion. Take care and stay safe!

Zion Broadnax: Anytime and likewise!

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