We caught up with Aedin Mincks to discuss Cobra Kai Season 4, his character Mitch’s development over 3 seasons and hopes for the future.

Aedin Mincks has already done a variety of projects in his acting career. For instance, you may remember him as ‘Angus Chestnut’ from Disney Channel’s ANT Farm, which aired between 2011-2014. Or, if you’re older, you recall Aedin’s memorable role as ‘Robert’ in Seth MacFarlane’s film ‘Ted’.

However, for the past 3 seasons, Aedin Mincks has recurred as ‘Mitch’ on Netflix smash-hit Cobra Kai. Unfamiliar? Moreover, the series expands upon the popular Karate Kid films. Mitch is among many Karate students featured on the show.

Although, he is closest to Chris, portrayed by Khalil Everage. The show tests this friendship many times. After all, they are in opposing dojos. Consequently, they are often on opposing sides in fights and brawls. This theme of friendships torn apart is seen throughout the series. However, some are lucky to keep their bonds intact. Others, not so much.

Furthermore, read on for Aedin’s Exclusive Interview with Courageous Nerd. Or, if you prefer, check out the video version on YouTube.

It’s been a little over a year since our last interview. What have you been up to since January last year?

Aedin Mincks (AM): Yeah, it’s been going good. We finished filming Season 5 and Season 4 released. So, it’s going good with that. Nothing too different, [but] I started working as a line cook just to get the experience. I always wanted to be a cook, so I started to do that. It’s fun.

Congratulations on Cobra Kai Season 4! It’s doing incredibly well on Netflix. In fact, how have the cast found watching this overwhelmingly positive repsonse?

AM: It’s amazing, getting to be the #1 show in the world, again. It’s a really cool thing to get to say. It’s just amazing. All the fans and all the support the show gets, I’m just really grateful for it all.

Did you have any idea of how long Mitch would be around for?

AM: In a way, it felt like I was just going to be there on Dojo days. Anytime we were in the Dojo, that’s where I would be. It’s cool what they’ve done with my character, giving him his own story. First, he’s a little bit of a goon, then he starts going off on his own path to rebuild all those bridges with his friends.

On the show, Mitch remains a member of Johnny’s Eagle Fang Dojo. What do you think keeps him there, despite having friends in Miyagi-Do?

AM: I would’ve thought, after getting kicked out of Cobra Kai… I would’ve just gone to Miyagi-Do to be with my friend again. At the same time, it would’ve been awkward… having all those bridges burned and being like, “Alright! Now I’ll join you, because I have no other option.” I feel like going with Eagle Fang was the right choice. It was still that physical karate rather than peaceful and all that.

Season 4 also saw Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), a character from The Karate Kid III, be introduced. Is it intimdating or exciting when actors from the films reprise their roles?

AM: It was great and I was really excited for his character. He was one of my favourite characters in the series. Just how energetic and crazy his performance was, “I like that Johnny! I’m gonna use that!” All that stuff. Getting to see him in-person with all the facial expressions… it’s just so cool getting to see him perform.

Everything he’s doing with Kreese, slowly taking over… it’s really cool, what they’re doing with him.

Aedin Mincks
Image courtesy of Netflix

We’ve already seen Mitch go through different stages on the show – wide-eyed student, bully’s lackey and back again. Ultimately, How do you think studying Karate has changed Mitch’s life?

AM: I feel like it’s definitely helped him. He probably was just a nerdy kid who was with Chris all the time, stuck to WWE kids. Then, after all that, now he’s got more friends and connections. He knows how to protect himself, he’s bettered himself. Yeah, he’s definitely improved for the better.

It’s pretty well-known that Season 5 has already wrapped. What, if anything, can you tease about it?

AM: I would just say watch the 3rd movie carefully. I feel like that’s all I can really say about it. Watch the 3rd movie carefully. There’s something over there, I’m not going to tell you where to look. That’s a general area of where to look.

On a more personal note – what do you hope to accomplish with the rest of 2022?

AM: I’ve just been sticking with Cobra Kai and trying to do better on my social media. I tend to not be on that as much. I don’t feel like tweeting, “I’m eating a salad” every other other day. Just working on that, getting better at it.

Lastly, what would you like to say to the Cobra Kai fans around the world?

AM: Just thank you all so much for the support, love you guys. Wouldn’t be possible without you.

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