In this Exclusive Interview, we chatted to rising actor Travis Burnett about his career so far – on Film and Television. From working with Jason Segel, recurring on a Disney+ series and so much more!

We chatted to rising actor Travis Burnett about his career so far – whether on Film or Television. He’s worked with Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Freaks and Geeks) on the AMC series Dispatches From Elsewhere. As well as this, Travis appeared as ‘Claude’ in eight episodes of Diary Of A Future President for Disney+

So, what else can we expect from Travis Burnett? In this interview, we cover Travis’ past work in addition to what’s coming up in his future. Alternatively, check out the video version on our YouTube channel. It’s linked below!

In your growing career thus far, you’ve appeared in Dispatches From Elsewhere, Diary Of A Future President and The Conners. Does any project or character stand out in particular?

TB: One that definitely stands out is Dispatches From Elsewhere. Jason Segel [creator/lead-actor], really, really cares about that project. He’s done a lot of things but he said behind the scenes that this is the most important project that he’s ever done. It was really cool to be a part of that, to help him accomplish his vision.

He actually came into the make-up trailer – I wore a clown face. He came in and said, “Hey, I know you!” So, I said, “Well, I know you, too!” I was a little shocked that Jason Segel just walked in. They were talking and said he wouldn’t arrive for another 25 minutes. I wasn’t able to prepare myself and there he was.

As Jason saw the make-up artist drawing on my face for the clown outline, he said, “Hey, can I see that?” He pencilled in some red where he wanted it. It was really, really cool. Like, wow, he really knows how he wants this done. It was really interesting to see.

In addition to starring, Jason Segel also created the series. How was your experience of working with Jason and on the project as a whole from these different standpoints? Was it unusual?

TB: I don’t know how common it is for every single project. In my career, I don’t think I’ve ever had somebody that has created, written, directed… he did everything, essentially, for the first and last episode. It was really, really cool.

Travis Burnett
Image courtesy of AMC

As we live in a technologically dominated world, how does social media impact young actors, in your opinon?

TB: It can really, really help you, as an actor. On let’s say Instagram for instance, you can message other actors. Or, see how they do something and how their set-up is. Even who their coaches are. I just got a DM on Instagram a couple of weeks ago which said, “Hey, just curious who are your acting coaches? What’s your set-up?” I told them and they were really grateful.

That’s something that a lot of people could do. They can get their first start and get their foot in the door, essentially or learn how to do it.

What do you most enjoy about developing characters over a few episodes, like you have on Diary and The Conners?

TB: When you’re making a character, you have to have a 3-step arc. The beginning, middle and end of that character. If you establish everything that’s known about that character in the beginning, you don’t have anywhere to go. I think if a character has a good arc, the character stays interesting for the whole season or seasons, hopefully of the show.

I think it’s very important for a character to have some mystery involved in it.

Do you notice more when you’re similar or different to characters you play?

TB: When I get an audition, I look at the character description. Well, before that, I research the directors. I look at the description and highlight how he is similar to me. Let’s say he’s really jittery and I’m kind of jittery too, I focus on that. One of my acting coaches said the casting directors relate you to the role that they’re looking for.

Travis Burnett
Image courtesy of ABC

More recently, you’ve recurred as ‘Logan’ on The Conners. What most excited you about joining this show? Were you nervous about being on set for the first time?

TB: I was super, super nervous. You’re basically entering a family, their set family. Your home away from home. When you’re entering there, it could be… they just talk amongst themselves, they stay in their corner [or] I’m just left on the outskirts.

But that wasn’t how it was at all. They’re very welcoming. I could get used to doing that for 9 or 10 years.

In addition to what we’ve covered, what other projects can people expect from Travis Burnett coming up?

TB: Right now, I’m just auditioning and waiting for things. I had a good deal of voiceover auditions in the last couple of days. So, maybe one of those will stick. I might be in a voiceover. This is the start of pilot season, so maybe something like that. We’ll see!

Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish with the rest of 2022?

TB: If COVID wasn’t going around, I’d really love to get back into musical theatre. I don’t think I’m going to do that just yet, the rehearsal time takes so long. I would really like to be… like, in The Conners, there’s a big family. I’d love to be in a new pilot that has their own family that you can really build that atmosphere around.

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