Owen Morgan discusses reprising ‘Bert’ in Cobra Kai Season 4, where he’d like the character to go in the future and much more!

Having debuted in Season 1, Owen Morgan returns as ‘Bert’ for Cobra Kai Season 4. Bert has bounced from dojo to dojo, ultimately finding himself in Eagle Fang under Sensei Johnny Lawrence when Season 4 starts.

Only 17 years of age, Owen’s career has only just started. With a hit show already under his belt, who knows what else he may go onto.

Read on for Owen’s interview with Courageous Nerd about Cobra Kai Season 4. Meanwhile, check out the video version on YouTube, linked below.

You’ve played Bert on Cobra Kai since Season 1. How did you first get into acting?

OM: This show was actually how I got into acting. I started off basically as just background on the show. It was something we hadn’t done before, I and my family thought it would be kind of fun. We all submitted ourselves in. Then, they asked just for me after maybe about 2 weeks on the show. They asked if I wanted to try auditioning for an actual role on the show, I said yes. I got it.

Rewinding ever so slightly – how was the process of landing the role? Did you audition for any other characters or just Bert?

OM: It was a very different process to how most auditions normally go. I’d already been on the show, I was already there. Most people will send in a tape and sometimes they’ll go in person. It was very, very quick. I had to take some time off set to talk to some people in a room and read off a script.

When we spoke to your co-star Gianni DeCenzo last year, he mentioned not knowing a lot about Demetri’s long-term future upon being cast? Were you originally contracted for a fixed number of episodes or was it open-ended?

OM: I’d say the first 2 seasons were definitely just me trying to get comfortable in the role and in the show. Around Season 3, I had the opportunity to start digging into the character a little more. Figuring out exactly who he really was, what his motivations were. Lately, I’ve been having a lot more opportunities for that which I’ve absolutely loved.

Getting used to him wasn’t that difficult. I’d say we have similar traits. Over time, I was able to give him these minor characteristics that made us split apart. I could actually try to make something different from myself. I think he has a little more social confidence than I do. He’s definitely gotten a lot more outspoken, as time’s gone on.

How familiar were you with Karate Kid before joining Cobra Kai? Did names like Ralph Macchio, William Zabka or Martin Kove mean anything to you at the time? Is it bizarre watching the films and seeing them 30 years younger?

OM: That is really weird. Sometimes, I have trouble believing that it’s them. I’m like, “I know that person?” It can be really strange but it’s also funny a lot of the time, to be able to point it out.

In your own opinion, what do you think Bert’s life was like before getting into karate?

OM: I think it was definitely made clear that most of the newer students were nerds and losers. They didn’t have a place in the school’s social hierarchy. So, he probably wasn’t a very known kid or had a whole lot of friends. He probably mostly kept to himself, I like to think. I’d say he was definitely more of a quiet kid who didn’t stand up for himself.

As he was in Cobra Kai, Bert was able to gain a lot of confidence in himself.

As Bert has been in both Cobra Kai and Eagle Fang, you’ve worked a lot with William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) and Xolo Mariduena (Miguel Diaz). How well do you know your castmates now?

OM: The people I get to work with most often, obviously, I got to know the best. For a while, there have been some people that I never really got to have scenes. So, it took a while for me to really get to know them. For the first few seasons, I really didn’t know anyone in Miyagi-Do. I never interacted with them.

Once Season 4 came around, we were all spending the entire season together. I got a lot more opportunities to get to know everyone better and make a lot of friendships. It didn’t take long for me to get to know them.

Image courtesy of Netflix

Netflix dropped Season 4 on December 31st. Without spoiling anything too specific, what were you most excited about seeing in the new season? Or, what were you excited for fans to see?

OM: There were a couple of scenes I got to have – they did, fortunately, make it into the season. Basically, I got to do things I was not used to doing. They were outside my comfort level, in that role. I’d never done things with Bert in these scenarios before. That’s really great and I’m really proud of what I did. I hope other people really enjoy it.

If Bert returns for Season 5 and beyond, which direction would you want him to go?

OM: I’d like him to show he’s grown as a fighter. I’d like him to win a few more fights, at least. Probably gain a little more respect for the enemies.

Although we are just starting the New Year, what are you hoping to accomplish in 2022?

OM: I’m in my final year of high school at the moment, so that’s my main priority. Secondarily, I’m looking to get some more acting roles and improve my overall acting skill.

Thanks again for taking the time, Owen – take care and stay safe!

OM: Thank you and thank you for having me on. This was awesome.

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