Peter Bundic (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) discussed the show’s potential return and presenting at the Young Entertainer Awards 2021.

As an actor, Peter Bundic played ‘Carl Tapper’ on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In addition to this, Bundic also portrayed ‘Steve’ in the feature film Spontaneous opposite fellow Netflix alum Katherine Langford. We chatted with Peter about these projects in our previous interview, from January 2021.

In this interview, Peter Bundic discusses what he’s been up to since he last spoke with us. He also chats about whether Chilling Adventures of Sabrina could return in some form. We also cover his recent presenting role at the Young Entertainer Awards.

Our previous interview with Peter is also available on YouTube in audio form, linked below.

Welcome back Peter and thank you for taking the time to speak with us again.

Peter Bundic (PB): Thanks for having me back. It’s always a pleasure!

We last spoke in January 2021, with the whole year still ahead. What have you been up to in that time and has 2021 panned out how you expected?

PB: Yeah, it’s been a crazy year. Working on a short film currently, it’s a little bit of a Valentine’s Day thriller, focusing on love and how far one might go for love. Have a couple of things on the go for next year that I’m also excited about but I’ll have to keep those projects under wraps for now. 

At the time of our last interview, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina had just ended its run on Netflix. As the Sabrina Spellman character has reappeared on Riverdale, do you think the show could return in some form down the line?

PB: It would be really cool to see some more of the Sabrina world flowing from Greendale to Riverdale as I love what I’ve seen so far. You never know!

By the time this interview goes out, you’ll have presented at the 2021 Young Entertainer Awards. How did this opportunity come about?

PB: I’ve won a few awards at the YEA in the past and had the opportunity to present a couple of the following years. This year’s award show was presented all online due to COVID. I filmed my segment from Vancouver so it was awesome to tune into the live acceptance and check everyone out!

You are a previous Young Entertainer Awards nominee. Could you describe making the transition from nominee to presenter? Can you relate to how this year’s nominees might be feeling?

PB: It’s a really satisfying feeling to give out an award as I remember how excited I was when receiving my first couple awards. I hadn’t had much presenting experience at the time but the team had reached out asking me to present the following year and I thought what a cool way to give back that feeling to some of the new nominees and winners.

In addition to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you also appeared in the feature film Spontaneous, starring Katherine Langford. We discussed these projects in our previous interview. Is there anything coming up career-wise that you can discuss at this time?

PB: Aside from the short film “Cupid” that I’m currently working on, I’m looking forward to shooting on this feature I’ve recently booked. I can’t say much about that one yet but I’m looking forward to giving you an updated answer on that one in the near future hopefully!

Peter Bundic
Image courtesy of Netflix

Unfortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still very much an issue. How would you say it has impacted the entertainment industry going forward? Do you think there will be lasting changes once everyone is eventually in the clear?

PB: It was definitely sad to see the industry shut down for a while but very understandable. I have to say I’m really happy with how quickly the film world has bounced back and are making projects happen again. Hoping things continue to improve and we can see the industry thrive.

Once again, where can people find you on social media should they want to keep up with what you’re doing?

PB: Anyone can find me on Instagram/Twitter with my handle @peterbundic and my official Facebook page: Peter Bundic.

Looking ahead to the coming months, what do you hope to accomplish in 2022?

PB: As am I! I hope the New Year brings lots of new memories to make and great people to meet and work with.

Thanks again for taking the time, Peter. Take care and stay safe!

PB: Always happy to chat! I appreciate everything, all the best my friend!

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