Film and television actress Kate Watson chatted to Courageous Nerd about her new project Killer Advice, which aired on Lifetime Movies and also starred Eric Roberts.

Kate is originally from Oahu and in this interview, she discusses her dance background with the Hawaii State Ballet, among other topics.

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time do this.

Kate Watson (KW): My pleasure, thank you.

When did you start acting, and what inspired you to pursue the craft as a career?

KW: I was a dancer as a child and slowly transitioned into theater as I got older. A part of me always knew I wanted to make acting my career, but the reality of that didn’t happen for quite some time. Sometimes you first have to learn how to make a living before leaning into what you love.

You’re originally from Oahu, Hawaii and performed at Hawaii State Ballet. How have acting and dancing as art forms intertwined in your career thus far?

KW: The discipline and work ethic you learn while training to be a dancer is invaluable to this day. As well as utilizing the mind-body connection. Understanding how our physicality and emotions are interconnected and inform one another is immensely beneficial.

In your new project Killer Advice, you play the role of “Beth”. How would you describe the plot of the film?

KW: Beth, a successful business woman, wife and mother, suffers a traumatic attack and family and friends suggest she see a therapist to help her cope. However, her new therapist may not be what she expects. It’s in the realm of a classic psychological thriller, but may subvert your expectations a bit.

How close is Beth to your real life personality and other characters you have played in the past?

KW: Beth and I share quite a few similarities. She carries more complexity to some other characters I’ve been, but is similar to some with her budding bravery. We both have a profound love for our family and friends, as well as demanding professional careers. It’s natural to feel as though responsibilities seem bigger than you are at times. I’d like to think we are both extremely resilient. But, beyond that, we are incredibly different people.

Kate Watson
Kate Watson as ‘Beth’ in Killer Advice – Image courtesy of Lifetime

Eric Roberts also stars in Killer Advice. How much pressure was there in working alongside such a well established actor?

KW: I don’t have any scenes with Eric in this film, but have worked with him in the past. Eric’s just fun to be in a scene with. He commits to his choices effortlessly and loves to play ball.

What memories or moments stand out in your mind from making Killer Advice?

KW: I have many. Perhaps the most memorable are the two garage scenes that were more physical. We shot them pretty quickly, but they took quite a bit of stamina and vocal strength.

Killer Advice has aired on Lifetime Movies. How did you find the experience of working with Lifetime?

KW: Lifetime is a wonderful supporter of female driven narratives. They don’t shy away from also putting a spotlight on less than ideal, real to life human issues.

Aside from Lifetime, you have also worked with Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and SyFy, among others. How different is working on a network project compared to a streaming platform?

KW: The difference usually is the amount of time you have to work, with less time typically being given to network projects.  Although, because of the safety protocols around this tragic pandemic, both tend to be limiting time on set even further.

If anyone wanted to find out more information about your work or you personally, where could they look?

KW: My social media, IG and Facebook are both @actresskatewatson. And my website:

What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

KW: I’m hoping we are all safely able to go back to work, in whatever capacity that looks like. I’m finishing some of my own writing, which is exciting. And I have a feeling that the next great story has yet to be told, so we shall see!

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