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Death In Paradise: Could other classic characters return in Friday’s episode?

by Conor O'Brien
Death in Paradise

Following Sara Martins’ return to Death In Paradise, could any other past characters be making their way back to Saint Marie?

While it may be hard to believe, the usually light-hearted crime comedy-drama Death In Paradise has been airing on BBC One for almost a decade. Debuting in October 2011, the show initially starred actor/comedian Ben Miller as fish-out-of-water British DI Richard Poole, with a supporting cast that included Rising Damp actor Don Warrington, and Downton Abbey’s Gary Carr.

After being absent since the fourth season in 2015, original leading lady Sara Martins reprised her role as DS Camille Bordey in the final moments of Thursday’s (February 5) following – *Spoiler Alert * – hearing from Commissioner Patterson (Warrington) that her mother Catherine (Elizabeth Bourgine) had been attacked in her home and was unconscious.

DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) and his team had been investigating the murder of pianist Pasha Verdinikov (Adrian Schiller) – whose widow, Grace (Lia Williams), happened to be a long-time friend of Catherine’s.

Death in Paradise
Sara Martins and Ben Miller – Death In Paradise (Image courtesy of BBC)

The show had previously announced in December 2020 that both Miller and Martins would return to Death in Paradise to commemorate the show’s tenth anniversary. With Miller’s absence in Thursday’s episode, it can be surmised that he will appear in the Friday episode.

As of writing, the duo are the only Death in Paradise alums whom the show have publicly confirmed are returning in Season 10. That being said, they may just have some surprises up their sleeve.

During the episode, DS Florence Cassell (Josephine Jobert) went on a trip to London as part of the team’s investigation. As it happens, Miller’s first two successors on Saint Marie – Kris Marshall (as Humphrey Goodman) and Ardal O’Hanlon (as Jack Mooney) both ended their time on the series by having their characters return to London. Florence may need to rely on at least one of her former bosses to provide the information she needs.

.It would be very surprising for veteran character Dwayne Myers (Danny John Jules) to not return, as very few characters have spent as much time on Saint Marie as the fan favourite.

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