Misfits, a superhero comedy-drama created by Howard Overman, aired on E4 for 5 seasons between 2009-2013. Among the rotating ensemble cast were Robert Sheehan (The Umbrella Academy), Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), Antonia Thomas (The Good Doctor), and Joseph Gilgun (Preacher/This Is England).

The E4 superhero comedy-drama series Misfits, created by Howard Overman, debuted on 12 November 2009. The audience met the 5 young main characters – Simon, Alisha, Curtis, Kelly, and Nathan, as well as the actors playing the parts. In the decade-plus since the show began, each of these cast members has moved on to other high-profile acting jobs. Here is a look at what each of the 5 original ‘Misfit Gang’ members is up to, as of 2020.

Robert Sheehan (Nathan Young)

Robert Sheehan
Image courtesy of E4

Despite the Nathan Young character arguably being the show’s lead, Irish actor Robert Sheehan was first to leave Misfits, back in 2010. On the show, his character had the powers of immortality, mediumship and magic although not all at the same time.

Since making his exit, Sheehan has gone on to do a variety of other acting work. He has appeared in many film projects, including but not limited to: Demons Never Die, Killing Bono, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Moonwalkers, Mute and Bad Samiratan.

Sheehan has also not abandoned the medium of television entirely. Between 2010-2013, he played ‘Darren’ on the Irish crime drama Love/Hate which aired on RTÉ One. Sheehan also had a regular role in Season 2 of Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude and since 2019, stars as ‘Klaus Hargreeves’ in the ensemble cast of Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

Iwan Rheon (Simon Bellamy)

Picture courtesy of E4

Although Welsh-born actor Iwan Rheon played Simon for three seasons of Misfits, he is most likely more recongisable for playing sadistic villain Ramsay Bolton on the HBO series Game of Thrones, which also starred Misfits co-star Michelle Fairley.

Rheon has also worked on other television series including Our Girl, Vicious, Residue, Riviera, Inhumans, Family Guy and American Gods. However, these were all shorter term roles compared to Game of Thrones or Misfits.

Additionally, Rheon has completed film work in projects such as The Dirt, Hurricane, Daisy Winters, Libertador and The Rise.

Lauren Socha (Kelly Bailey)

Picture courtesy of E4

Derbyshire-born actress Lauren Socha portrayed hardened Kelly Bailey for the first three seasons of Misfits, exiting alongside Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas in 2011. According to an interview conducted in 2011, Socha auditioned for the part of Kelly just a week after leaving drama school.

Since her days on the E4 series, Socha has appeared in roles on series such as Catastrophe, Plebs and The Other One. In 2018, she played ‘Shelley’ in feature film Strangeways Here We Come.

Similarly to Kelly, Socha has also had issues with the law. In 2012, the then-21-year-old actress was arrested and charged with an incident involving a taxi driver.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis Donovan)

Picture courtesy of E4

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett played disgraced Olympic hopeful Curtis Donovan on Misfits. Of the original five-piece cast, Stewart-Jarrett stayed on the show for the longest period of time, lasting until the fourth, penultimate season.

Since his exit from the show in 2012, Stewart-Jarrett appeared in minor or 1 episode roles on series such as Money, The Paradise, Prey and Houdini and Doyle. The actor also had a main role as ‘Ian’ in the Channel 4 series Utopia, made the leap to America with Famous In Love and also appeared both Dracula and The Trial of Catherine Keeler. More recently, as per Deadline, Stewart-Jarrett signed on to appear in a new HBO Max series produced by Lena Dunham.

Exploring another medium entirely, Stewart-Jarrett has played the role of ‘Belize’ in both National Theatre and Broadway productions of Tony Kushner’s Angels In America.

Antonia Thomas (Alisha Daniels)

Picture courtesy of E4

Antonia Thomas appeared as Alisha Daniels in the first three seasons of Misfits, being one of three cast members to leave the show in 2011. Much like her co-star Socha, Thomas had auditioned for the role of Alisha just a day after leaving theatre school.

Since her departure from Misfits, it can be argued that Thomas is one of the more successful and prolific alums from the show. Since 2017, she stars opposite Freddie Highmore in the ABC medical drama The Good Doctor and also appeared in the Channel 4/Netflix romantic comedy Lovesick, which ran between 2014-2018. Other television roles include Transporter: The Series, The Musketeers and narration work on Teletubbies.

As well as starring in films such as Sunshine on Leith, Hello Carter, Northern Soul and Survivor, Thomas has also appeared in separate music videos for Coldplay and Stereophonics.

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