Love, Simon’s television sequel Love, Victor premiered on Hulu in June 2020. Here are 10 things you may not have known about it. This article contains spoilers for both the film and series.

Love, Simon, starring Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Jennifer Garner and Keiynan Lonsdale, among others, was released in April 2018. The film depicted Simon Spier (played by Robinson), a closeted high school student in Atlanta, who secretly communicates with “Blue”, another student hiding his homosexuality, over email. Over two years later, This Is Us co-showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger continue the franchise with Love, Victor, which has just premiered on Hulu.

Without further ado, here are 10 things you may not have known about Love, Victor.

1. Mia was recast


Rachel Naomi Hilson portrays the series regular role of Mia on Love, Victor. The character is a classmate, “whip smart” friend and unwitting faux love interest to the title character. However Hilson was not the first actress cast to play the part.

In the original casting announcement, it was revealed that Johnny Sequoyah was set to star in Love, Victor as Mia. However, this actress was later replaced by Hilson, owing to a “new creative direction” decided upon by the creators.

2. Famous Parent


One of the main characters in Love Victor is a jock named Andrew. He is played by actor Mason Gooding. You may be surprised to learn that Gooding’s real-life father is none other than actor Cuba Gooding Jr, known for his roles in Jerry Maguire, American Horror Story: Roanoke and The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

3. Multiple ‘Love, Simon’ Connections


Rather than simply being a series that was inspired by Love, Simon, the new television series features many connections to the movie. Nick Robinson reprises his role as Simon, primarily through voiceover, as does Keiynan Lonsdale (Bram) and Natasha Rothwell (Ms. Albright).

Additionally, there is a photo cameo from Simon’s parents, Jack (Josh Duhamel) and Emily (Jennifer Garner).

4. Another Streaming Show

Amazon Prime

Shortly before Love, Victor was released on Hulu, actor George Sear (Benji) had a supporting role in a series streamed by a different streaming service. He played American tech heir Parker Roscoe in the teen espionage drama Alex Rider, based on the hit novels by English author Anthony Horowitz, who has also written Sherlock Holmes and James Bond novels.

Which leads onto the next point…

5. ‘Benji’ is English in Real Life


Although he dons an American accent for Benji (as well as his role in Alex Rider), actor George Sear is, in fact, English in real life. Sear is the only main cast member playing a character of a different nationality to himself.

His real life mother is cook Juliet Sear; the pair recently reunited on UK chat show This Morning.

6. Bebe Wood has Sitcom History


In Love, Victor, Bebe Wood plays Lake, the “social media obsessed” best friend to Mia and later love interest of Felix (Anthony Turpel). Compared to some of the other characters, this could be considered a supporting part.

Despite this, Wood has extensive experience in half-hour sitcoms, such as See Dad Run, American Housewife and The Real O’Neals.

7. Simon Lives In New York For A Specific Reason

FOX 2000

In episode 8, Victor and Simon meet face-to-face for the first time. They had been communicating via email during the previous episodes. Just where do they meet? None other than the Big Apple itself, New York City.

At the time of filming, Nick Robinson was starring in To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway, which naturally made it easier to physically reprise his role.

8. Very Different Role


James Martinez plays Victor’s father Armando Salazar, a hard-working and loyal family man. That being said, his most recent television role before Love, Victor could not be more different.

In the CBS All Access fairytale-inspired crime drama Tell Me A Story, Martinez played corrupt New York city detective Olsen, who had far more sinister intentions.

9. Michael Cimino Is Straight


Michael Cimino plays the title role in Love, Victor, a teenage boy who is struggling to reveal his homosexuality to his religious, conservative parents.

As it turns out, the actor, like Nick Robinson before him, is straight in real life. His interpretation of Victor’s struggles was inspired by a cousin, who is gay. This again mirrors Robinson, who had a close family member, his brother, come out before he started work on Love, Simon.

10. It’s An Original Story


Love, Simon, although adapted by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, was based on a pre-existing novel. Becky Albertalli wrote Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda, which follows a similar storyline to the movie, in 2015. This meant that Aptaker and Berger had guidelines to follow when writing their script.

However, Love, Victor is not based on a story written by Albertalli. The only connections are the location and any returning characters from Love, Simon. This allows the story and universe to be taken in a new direction, without restrictions.

Love, Victor is streaming on Hulu.

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