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Home Comics The Flash Fans React To Season 6 Ending Early *WGTC Writing Sample*

The Flash Fans React To Season 6 Ending Early *WGTC Writing Sample*

by Conor O'Brien

CW’s The Flash is one of numerous forced to end their seasons early as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Storylines involving Iris West-Allen, Eva McCulloch as a result, have been left unresolved for the time being.

Since Eva, the main antagonist, survived the now-finale, it seems likely that actress Efrat Dor will be back for season seven.

We Got This Covered previously reported that the originally planned season finale would have finished on a cliff-hanger that featured the return of fan-favorite antagonist Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, who has been played by both Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher. The character was last seen earlier in season six.

The episode featured supporting characters such as Allegra Garcia (Kayla Compton), Sue Dearborn (Natalie Dreyfuss) and even Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) to an extent, being featured more prominently. Additionally, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) returned after being in protection after a threat on his life.

Meanwhile, fans have been sharing their mixed reactions online to how season 6 ultimately ended.

Whether fans like it or not, season 6 of The Flash is over and done with. We can only hope that showrunner Eric Wallace and the writing staff will be able to salvage what was not filmed into next season’s story.

Of the 22 episodes in the sixth season order, only 19 were filmed in their entirety. Parts of the twentieth were also shot. Now, it seems likely that planned story threads will be reworked into future plots.

What did you think of how The Flash season 6 ended? Make sure to leave your comments below.

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