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Home TV ‘God Friended Me’: What Will Happen To The Cast After The Show’s Surprise Cancellation?

‘God Friended Me’: What Will Happen To The Cast After The Show’s Surprise Cancellation?

by Conor O'Brien

God Friended Me will soon end its two-season run on CBS, following the show’s cancellation earlier this month.

The show followed an atheist named Miles Finer who receives a friend request from a Facebook account in God’s name and of the course of the series, helps people in need after being sent their name by the account.

Brandon Micheal Hall starred as Miles. The show also featured Violett Beane as Cara and Suraj Sharma as Rakesh, Miles’ friends and companions in his journey with the God Account.

Joe Morton played his father Arthur, a pastor, Javicia Leslie played his sister Ali and Erica Gimpel played his stepmother, Trish.

Now that the show has ended, the show’s cast are out of a job and will have to find other work. If their past resumรฉs are anything to go by, they should be back onscreen quickly.

Before playing Miles, Hall had starring roles on other television series; The Mayor (2016) and Search Party (2016 – present). With the latter recently receiving a third and fourth season order, Hall has his role as Julian Marcus to fall back on.

Violett Beane was well-known for her role as Jesse Quick on The Flash and for starring in Truth or Dare, a horror film released in 2018. While returning to Jesse may be up in the air , Beane has now been in two shows produced by Greg Berlanti. Who’s to say she can’t do a third?

Image: CBS

Before lending his talents as hacker Rakesh, Suraj Sharma had the lead role in the 2012 hit film Life of Pi. He also co-starred opposite Jon Hamm in Million Dollar Arm.

With such a diverse range of film and TV work under his belt, Sharma should have no problem landing another interesting project.

Joe Morton is known for a variety of other roles, including Eli ‘Papa’ Pope on Scandal as well as Henry Deacon on Eureka. He also directed multiple episodes of God Friended Me.

By far the most established member of the original cast, Morton will have no problem continuing his career.

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For Javicia Leslie, Ali on God Friended Me was arguably her biggest role to date. She had previously appeared in other shows such The Family Business and MacGyver.

Now that Leslie has a major series regular gig on her CV, her career has the possibility to open up in ways that it would not have done before.

Erica Gimpel has been on God Friended Me since its first season and became a series regular in season two. Her other work includes the series Fame and Profiler as well as judging the Irish TV talent show Fame: The Musical in 2010.

Similarly to Morton, Gimpel was already established before appearing on this show and will likely continue on in her career.

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God Friended Me returns for its next episode on April 19. The series will conclude on April 26 with a two-part episode.

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