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How God Friended Me Ties Its Stories Together

by Conor O'Brien

Since God Friended Me premiered on CBS in September 2018, viewers of the series have watched lead characters Miles Finer (Brandon Micheal Hall), Cara Bloom (Violett Beane) and Rakesh Singh (Suraj Sharma) help a number of ‘Friend Suggestions’ all over New York City, sent to them by the mysterious God Account.

Many of the episodes follow a formula and are usually a self-contained story. For example, Miles (or another character) will discover something about a future Friend Suggestion, their name is sent, the person or people in question is initially hesitant but eventually accepts their help and finally, the story for that week is wrapped up.

For some of the Friend Suggestions, their time on the show is over. However, as Miles and his friends have discovered through helping more people, they are gradually growing a network of extremely useful contacts. More than once, a former Friend Suggestion has repaid the favour to Miles by helping him out.
Ray Nicolette, who first appeared in Season 1, Episode 3

A major example of this is shown with Ray Nicolette (Brent Sexton), who made his first appearance in the third episode of season one. A former police officer and now PI, Ray has helped out Miles and Cara multiple times since meeting them. Whether it was tracking someone down or happening to be the arresting officer of a Friend Suggestion, years before the God Account.

John Dove (Christopher Redman), Miles’ very first Friend Suggestion, also managed to help the group out. After Miles saved Dove from ending his life by jumping under a train, Dove was fortunate, in his profession as a doctor, to be able to help Cara after she was knocked down.

Even Hasan, a taxi driver and conservative religious father, was in the right place at the right time to give Miles a ride when he urgently needed it.

The Patel Brothers, who first appeared in Season 2, Episode 7

Most recently, the nineteenth episode of season two, “The Fugitive”, featured the return of some familiar faces. Brothers Sameer and Jai, lawyers and business partners, who Miles had helped save from bankruptcy earlier in the season.

Using their legal expertise, they were able to help Russell (Keenan Jolliff), the current Friend Suggestion, who was a good person caught in a tight spot. Ultimately, Russell only has to serve six months in prison rather than a possible fifteen years.

Ultimately, God Friended Me rewards its loyal, long-time fans by bringing back faces from the past to help serve the story.

Throughout the two seasons thus far, Miles and his friends have helped these people out of very unpredictable situations and it makes sense, from a real world perspective, that they would want to repay the favour.

The next episode of God Friended Me, the twentieth of the season, is titled “Collateral Damage” and it will air on April 19.

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