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God Friended Me – A Look Behind The ‘God Account’

by Conor O'Brien
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Since its September 2018 premiere on CBS, God Friended Me has taken viewers on a journey full of twists and turns. Whenever it seems something will be answered, a new question emerges in its place.

In the pilot episode, Miles Finer, an atheist podcaster with a Reverend as a father, receives a friend request from a Facebook account in the name of God, who sends him the names of individuals within his native New York City, who are in need of help.

Throughout both the first and currently ongoing second season, Miles, supported by a close-knit team, has affected the lives of multiple people, often changing them for the better. From helping a mother connect with her autistic son to helping a woman struggling with terminal cancer.

With Miles every step of the way are journalist Cara Bloom, who was the second person that Miles ever got as a ‘Friend Suggestion’, co-worker Rakesh Singh, who also moonlights as a hacker, older sister Ali and father Arthur, with whom he makes amends with in the first season.

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As Miles searches for answers in the television series, two talented individuals are at the helm of mapping out his adventures across New York City.

They are co-creators Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, who have worked on other shows such as Gotham, Hawaii Five-0 and Alcatraz, the latter of which they also co-created.

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As of season two, there are six regular cast members on God Friended Me: Brandon Micheal Hall, Violett Beane, Suraj Sharma, Javicia Leslie, Joe Morton and newly promoted Erica Gimpel.

Hall (Search Party, The Mayor) stars as Miles while Beane (The Flash, Truth or Dare) plays Cara. Indian-born Sharma, who played the title role in Life of Pi, portrays Rakesh.

Leslie (MacGyver, The Family Business) co-stars as Ali with veteran actor Morton (Scandal, Eureka) playing Arthur and Gimpel as Trish, who is now Arthur’s wife.

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There is usually a different Friend Suggestion each week, although some do return in later episodes to help out Miles and the group. With this format as well as relatives of the main characters, God Friended Me has built up a strong recurring/guest cast.

There’s been original Dear Evan Hansen cast member Rachel Bay Jones as Susan, Cara’s mother and 13 Reasons Why star Derek Luke as Henry Chase, a key figure in the first season.

Other actors who have played Friend Suggestions include Judd Hirsch, Brent Sexton, Cara Buono, Chosen Jacobs, Bryan Greenberg, Amber Stevens West, TR Knight and Malik Yoba.

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Season 2 continues with episode seventeen on Sunday, March 15 on CBS.

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