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Why Hedgehog on ‘The Masked Singer” Is Jason Manford

by Conor O'Brien

During The Masked Singer’s launch on Saturday night, we were introduced to six costumed performers, one of whom was Hedgehog, who competed against Chameleon.

After looking at some clues and other factors, I believe the man behind the mask is comedian Jason Manford.

Why do I think this? Read below to find out.

1 – Hedgehog is a performer

Although we couldn’t see his face, Hedgehog’s stage presence and confidence definitely gave away that he was no stranger to performing in front of big crowds.

2 – His stance/body language

Hedgehog holds the mic with one hand, which is very reminiscent of a stand-up comic.

Here’s a picture of Manford as a comparison. The stance and posture are very similar between the two.

3 – His voice

Personally, the Hedgehog sounds like someone from a Northern part of the country putting on an affectation to sound ‘posher’ – hence guesses such as Michael McIntyre or Jack Whitehall, whose voices naturally give that impression.

More specifically, however, you can definitely hear Manford’s voice in certain parts of the singing, which I picked up on after watching for a second time.

4 – manford’s theatre background

Image result for jason manford sweeney todd

As well as being a comedian, Manford has also performed on stage, with one production being Sweeney Todd. One of Hedgehog’s clues was that he’d once had a job that involved ‘dying onstage at 8:30 every night.”

Spoiler alert – Manford’s Sweeney Todd character doesn’t make it out of Act 1, which normally ends around 8:30 in evening performances.

5 – he didn’t deny it

During Saturday’s episode, Manford was asked by Twitter user Karen Porter (@karenp10966) whether he was hiding under the Hedgehog Mask.

Traditionally on The Masked Singer, contestants are forced to deny their participation on the show due to having signed NDAs, even when it is highly suspected they are the disguised celebrity in question. Many of the revealed performers admit they had to lie in order to protect their secret.

Manford’s response doesn’t directly answer Karen’s question. He said it was a weird tweet. Having likely filmed the show earlier in the year, would be very true as the general public are only seeing it now.

Unlike other celebrities such as Peter Crouch, there is no definitive answer, so the question still exists.

Sure, Manford doesn’t confirm it’s him. If it is, then he can’t at the moment. Pay attention though: he never said it wasn’t him.

Like Joel Dommett says, we won’t know for sure who Hedgehog is until the mask comes off.

Whether it’s Jason Manford or someone else, it will surely be an exciting reveal.

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