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The Masked Singer Season 2: Who Has Been Unmasked? Who Is Left? (Spoilers)

by Conor O'Brien
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Season two of Fox’s The Masked Singer has thus far aired eight episodes, with nine of the disguised celebrities being revealed. This leaves seven of the original line-up of sixteen still in play.

Here, we will go through who has already left the singing competition as well as popular guesses to who the remaining seven performers truly are.

egg – johnny weir

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In the first episode, Egg was revealed to be Olympic Figure Skater Johnny Weir.

Ice cream – ninja

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Also departing in the first episode was Ice Cream.

He was unveiled as then-Twitch, now Mixer streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

panda – laila ali

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Laila Ali, daughter of the late, legendary Muhammad Ali and a boxing champion in her own right, was revealed to be the Panda in episode two.

eagle – dr drew pinsky

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Qualified physician, former Loveline co-host and longtime friend of judges Ken and Jenny, Dr Drew was unmasked as the Eagle in episode three.

skeleton – paul shaffer

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Longtime bandleader on Letterman, Paul Shaffer was revealed as Skeleton in episode four.

penguin – sherri shepherd

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Actress, comedian and television personality Sherri Shepherd was revealed to be under the Penguin mask in episode five.

Black Widow – raven symone

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Longtime Disney star and former co-host of The View, Raven Symone took off her Black Widow mask in episode six.

Ladybug – kelly osbourne

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After impressively fabricating a Southern accent throughout the season, Kelly Osbourne lost her Ladybug mask in episode seven.

flower – patti labelle

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In last Wednesday’s episode, as of writing, legendary singer Patti LaBelle was shown to have been behind the Flower mask.

This is who has already been eliminated. Now, we will have a look at those who are still in contention to win.


Image result for butterfly masked singer

The leading guess for Butterfly has been former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams.

Some of the more confusing clues; references to London, struggling to succeed on her own apply to Williams, as well as the more obvious examples.

flamingo – adrienne bailon

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Without a doubt, Flamingo is Adrienne Bailon, co-host of The Real and former Cheetah Girl (alongside Black Widow/Raven Symone). Although Bailon has denied being behind the mask, too many clues add up for it not to be her.


Image result for fox masked singer

Fox is Wayne Brady. Not only are the voice and body movements an exact match for the Whose Line star, clues such as having a daughter, being part of a talented pack, three stools that evoke thoughts of Whose Line and struggles with depression and bullying at different times of his life all point to Brady.


Image result for leopard the masked singer

Leopard is Seal. Other popular guesses have included Ru Paul, Billy Porter, Deion Sanders and Dennis Rodman (my initial thought), though I am certain Seal is the man behind the mask.

The London-born singer was born in 1963 (which was shown on a door), has worked in fast food, has young children and there have been references to his famous song, Kiss From A Rose.

Not to mention that the voice sounds like Seal.


Image result for rottweiler the masked singer

Rottweiler is former American Idol contestant and frontman of his namesake band, Chris Daughtry.

After subtle clues such as overnight fame and a blue rose (of which he has a tattoo), a recent hint was Boxing Day, which is Daughtry’s birthday.


Image result for thingamajig masked singer

I am very confident that Thingamajig is none other than Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo.

Alongside this character having an athlete’s physique, specific clues have pointed to Oladipo, including usage of the word ‘feathery’ (his catchphrase), a deliberate rip in the costume that matches Oladipo’s knee injury and an ASL (American Sign Language) book, as his sister is deaf.


Image result for tree the masked singer

Perhaps of all the contestants this season, Tree has been the hardest to figure out. She remains the only competitor whose true identity I am still unsure of.

Some of the popular guesses include Ana Gasteyer, Cassandra Peterson, Candace Cameron Bure, Aisha Tyler, Lacey Chabert, Darlene Love and Beverly D’Angelo.

In my opinion, it still could be anyone.

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