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The Masked Singer S2 – Final Guesses Before the Premiere

by Conor O'Brien

Season 2 of The Masked Singer U.S. kicks off today, September 25 and before that momentous occasion arrives, I thought I’d share my final predictions on who the contestants are before the first episode, when more clues will arrive.

Time will tell if these contradict my predictions or confirm them.


Image result for black widow the masked singer

Initially, I was as stumped as anyone on who this singer could be. The only real clue was tarot cards and that was the avenue I explored, researching possible celebrities who had a possible connection to them.

Then, an internet guess totally turned my thinking upside down by suggesting Raven Symone, known as Disney psychic Raven Baxter on That’s So Raven as well as being a panellist on The View from 2015 to 2016. Symone is also a singer, as seen in The Cheetah Girls.

After all, tarot cards predict the future like psychic powers hence alluding to the celebrity without being on the nose.

Panda: rachael ray

Unfortunately, I do not have any strong guesses for this celebrity. So for now, I can only concur with Distractify’s Amer Garrett with celebrity chef Rachael Ray.

Leopard – dennis rodman

From the beginning, I have suspected that Leopard, who although is wearing a feminine-leaning costume, is actually a male. The combination of broad shoulders, big feet and a need to hide their physique put nails in the coffin.

One clue in particular ‘Been spotted with the President’ stuck with me, so, assuming it was President Trump being referred to, I looked up contestants on Celebrity Apprentice and former NBA star Dennis Rodman stood out as someone they would have to conceal. He’s a big guy.

The final piece of evidence that all but confirmed it for me?

Image result for dennis rodman leopard print

Rodman used to have Leopard print in his hair.


We know from the stats provided that there is at least one NFL veteran among the lineup, as there are seven Super Bowl appearances listed. While this could be a trick and means singing performances, I am assuming they mean a football player.

Based on the person’s build, I am assuming that Rottweiler is the football player in the group. As I am based outside the US, I have none of the knowledge that homegrown fans would have to exactly pinpoint someone, but maybe someone else can.

Thingamajig: wayne brady

Comedian, actor and singer Wayne Brady has been one of the two top guesses for this unusual character, alongside Victor Oladipo.

After comparing their vocals with Thingamajig’s, I have to hand it to Brady. He sounded closer to the voice.

I am very familiar with his speaking voice from Whose Line and he was my immediate thought when Thingamajig’s vocals were first revealed, but I needed confirmation.

EAGLE: BRET michaels

Michaels was one of the first guesses based on Eagle’s attire but one clue in particular stuck out for me. ‘If you know an Eagle’s body temperature, you’ll be hot on my tail.”

If you are measuring in Faranheit, that temperature is 106 degrees – Michaels’ radio show is channel 106 on Sirius XM.

EGG: ‘Weird’ al yankovic

A common guess for this costume is an athlete based on a reference to AU – the first and last vowels of the alphabet.

However, if you count Y as an alphabet, then you get a seasoned performer’s initials — Al Yankovic.

Yankovic is a vegan, hence why he ‘Doesn’t belong with bacon’ and did a cover of song called ‘The Humpty Dance’.

FLOWER – danica mckellar

The 314 hint referred to Pi in Mathematics, which former Wonder Years actress McKellar is proficient in.

There was also the pun phrase ‘petal to the metal’ and this video shows that she cycles, which adds more fuel to the fire.


Having come up with no better guesses, I will stick with the majority of former Law and Order actor Christopher Meloni, who played Detective Stabler.

While I am not fully convinced on this one – the height is a bit sketchy – numbers (4261) that match Meloni’s birthday can be seen and many of his roles have involved death hence a skeleton – SVU, prison drama Oz and vampire series True Blood.


This is one that I believed to have nailed straight away, specifically for one sentence – “I love this costume more than I love mascara’.

Not only is Bailon a singer with the right frame for the masked celebrity, but she also posts make-up related videos on YouTube.

Ice cream – freddie highmore

Although Highmore recently denied being the Ice Cream, he is still the most convincing guess. His tall, slender frame matches this masked singer and various clues correlate to the actor.

Highmore also took part in the one-season show Taskmaster so competing against other celebrities is not a new concept for him.

Butterfly: michelle williams

The former Destiny’s Child singer famously took a fall, which the Butterfly alluded to in her first clue package.

Tree – candace cameron bure

Why mention disguising your family unless they are recognisable? Unless, of course, our singer was referring to the Tanners-Katsopolis clan which includes John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier.

The theory is more eloquently explained with more reasoning in this Reddit post.


This costume was revealed much later than the others and not a lot is known about who could possibly be under the mask.

It will be interesting to see whether they were saved for the last because of the cool costume or the person inside it.

Penguin – naya rivera

This is a complete stab in the dark, but the first few seconds of this video, Penguin’s intro, is reminiscent of Glee’s music.

Google Images search shows that Rivera has changed her hairstyle over the years, but after that, I have no idea.


Image result for the fox masked singer

I am torn between these two men, as some of the clues apply to one or both of them.

Marsden and Gustin have both played superheroes. Marsden played Cyclops, which Fox’s costume is possibly alluding to. They are both talented singers – Marsden appeared in 2007’s Hairspray while Gustin starred in Glee and West Side Story on Broadway.

Gustin plays Barry Allen/The Flash, who can eat any food and not gain weight due to the metabolism attached to his powers. In their VT, Fox mentions being able to eat anything.

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