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Which Other ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters Will Return in ‘El Camino’ ?

by Conor O'Brien

Since news broke of El Camino in August, the Breaking Bad fandom has been as fervent as it ever was. After all, the possibility of seeing characters that have been gone for half a decade is quite exciting.

Of course, we already know that Aaron Paul will be reprising his role as drug dealer Jesse Pinkman, as the film’s main character. Jesse’s associate Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) was also confirmed for a comeback via the official trailer.

That begs the question, how many of the other characters from the AMC series will be returning for El Camino? There were quite a few that survived until the end and for those that didn’t… well, we’ll address that later.

Walter White’s wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and son Walter ‘Flynn’ Jr. (RJ Mitte) had no direct connection to Jesse, in fact, the latter never even met him.

Despite this, I believe they are too important to not return somehow. Maybe Jesse will reach out to them for some reason?

As of now, this is the only return into the Breaking Bad universe on the horizon, there are no future films to plan out a long-term storyline. If Vince Gilligan wants Gunn and Mitte back, he would probably have found a way to do it for this.

Believe it or not, there is actually more evidence pointing towards a return for Marie (Betsy Brandt) than any of the White family. If you were paying attention during the trailer, photographs of her late husband Hank (Dean Norris) and partner Gomez (Steven Michael Quezeda) could be seen on a wall. T

This likely means that Hank and Gomez’s murders will be addressed in some form and much like Skyler and Walt Jr., it would seem ridiculous if Marie didn’t come back.

Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill has been the star of Better Call Saul for the past few years. Since this is a prequel, we have no idea what Saul did immediately after Breaking Bad so it’s a possibility that he could appear.

It’s worth noting that Bob Odenkirk, who plays Saul, was the first actor involved in this Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe to mention El Camino and acted like a third party, something he barely knew about.

Logically speaking, Jesse is someone that Saul could reach out to if he found himself in a bind, so Odenkirk could have been playing us all.

As of the end of Breaking Bad, it seems that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is undeniably deceased. That being said, what’s Breaking Bad without Heisenberg?

Of course, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that beloved TV characters can be resurrected for plot (Michael and Sara in Prison Break, Carson in Stargate Universe), Walt could simply be haunting Jesse from beyond the grave while in actuality having left the mortal world.

That route seems cheap, obvious, overdone and quite frankly, a waste of Bryan Cranston’s talents. If Walter is going to return, it should be in an exciting way.

Cranston is a busy man, so assuming he did return to shoot the film, it would have had to be a compelling plot for his character.

Dean Norris’ Hank also bit the dust at the end of Breaking Bad. As I have already mentioned, he appears in picture form during the trailer alongside Gomez, who he died alongside.

As of right now, Norris is currently a series regular on another show, Claws, but assuming he only appeared in a small, flashback-type role in El Camino, it’s plausible he could have gotten time off.

If one counts the picture, then we know that Hank does appear in El Camino, just not physically.

Both Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) were dead by the time Breaking Bad rolled its final credits.

It’s worth noting that both are currently main characters on the Better Call Saul prequel, which, like Breaking Bad, is set in the state of Albuquerque.

Of any former Breaking Bad actors to get for this film, Banks and Esposito alongside Odenkirk, would be the easiest as they are already based where filming will likely take place.

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