Hello! Welcome to Courageous Nerd, thanks for deciding to check out the site.

As you’ve probably gathered from browsing, this is an Entertainment/Pop Culture website primarily focusing on Exclusive Interviews and feature articles.

The site has been fortunate enough to interview stars from hit shows including Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Succession, The Flash, Ozark, Supernatural, LOST and many more.

The Courageous Nerd journey began in 2019 with Conor O’Brien (pictured below), a lifelong TV/movie buff, decided to create an outlet for himself.

At the time, Conor was finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Creative Writing.

A year into the site’s existence, Conor connected with Peter Roumeliotis, owner of the media brand Popternative who helped start him off doing interviews.

The rest, as they say, is history.

In addition to Courageous Nerd, Conor’s work has also appeared in several other outlets.

The list includes The Sun, Yahoo, ScreenRant, MSN as well as smaller regional websites.

Feel free to peruse the site – all are welcome and there’s something for everyone.

Please direct any enquires to: conor@courageousnerd.com

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