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Courageous Nerd: Story So Far

by Conor O'Brien

Hello! Welcome and thank you for checking out Courageous Nerd. In case you haven’t noticed, it is an Entertainment/Pop Culture website – covering areas such as TV, Film and occasionally Video Games or Theatre.

We have Interviews with several industry professionals – ranging from actors, writers, filmmakers and musicians, to name a few. However, we cover this in more detail on the What We Do page.

Our journey began in June 2019 with the vision of one man – our Founder, Conor O’Brien, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Creative Writing. Conor wanted to create a platform allowing him to express both his passion and opinions about the entertainment industry.

Our recent interview with Jordan L. Jones (“Jazz”) from Peacock’s Bel-Air

Initially, Conor wrote reviews and feature articles for a small but slowly growing audience. Then, about a year after he founded Courageous Nerd, the site’s direction changed forever.

Conor connected with Peter Roumeliotis, a Canadian interviewer and owner of popular YouTube channel Popternative. Peter setting up early interviews has since enabled Conor to continue on and do several more. Since starting interviews in June 2020, there are now 100+ videos on the YouTube channel and even more overall, when including articles.

Feel free to peruse the site – all are welcome and there’s something for everyone.

Please direct any enquires to: conor@courageousnerd.com

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