CLAIM To Fame debuted on ABC last summer and was a big hit.

For those unfamiliar, the format involves 12 contestants living together while trying to work out a secret about the others.

Who is their celebrity relatives?

Season 1 featured relatives of Dean Martin, Chuck Norris and Keke Palmer, to name a few.

With Claim To Fame Season 2 well underway, let’s look at who has been revealed – and who is still in the running.

Already eliminated

Carly – Tom Hanks

Carly Claim To Fame Season 2
Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Carly was revealed to be Tom Hanks’ niece (by marriage) in week one.

Her mother is the sister of Rita Wilson, Hanks’ wife.

Travis – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and David Crotty/Getty Images

Gabriel correctly identified Neil DeGrasse Tyson as Travis’ celebrity relative in episode two.

Travis is the son of the renowned astrophysicist.

Jane – Dolly Parton

Giselle Hernandez/ABC and Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP via Getty Images

After Jane incorrectly guessed Chris’ relative as Elvis Presley, her own celebrity link was revealed.

Jane’s (real name Jada Star) aunt is country singer Dolly Parton.

Shayne – Eddie Murphy

Giselle Hernandez/ABC and Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In a shocking twist, Cole chose to reveal his ally Shayne’s relative: actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy.

He was right! Shayne turned out to be Murphy’s daughter.

Cole – Alicia Keys

Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Adrian Edwards/GC Images

Apparently, on Claim To Fame what goes around, comes around.

Karsyn correctly identified Cole’s celebrity as relative as Alicia Keys. Cole and Keys are half-siblings through their father.

Olivia – Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg

Olivia Claim To Fame Season 2
Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Bravo via Getty Images

Olivia incorrectly chose Jeff Gordon as Karsyn’s celebrity relative which led to her elimination.

Much to the surprise of everyone else, Olivia’s ‘claim to fame’ turned out to be aunt Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, actress and panelist on The Masked Singer.

Still in the running

Chris – Donny Osmond

Claim To Fame season 2 Chris Osmond
Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and John Lamparksi/Getty Images

Evidence is piling up that Chris is Donny Osmond’s son – and fans seem to agree.

One wrote on X: “How can these other players not know Chris is related to Donny Osmond? He looks just like him. #ClaimToFame“.

Another added: “The only way Chris gets out before the end is if he guesses someone’s relative wrong, because we know that nobody in that house knows who Donny Osmond is #ClaimtoFame“.

Gabriel – Nick Cannon

Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

Could Gabriel possibly be related to The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon? Here’s what fans on X think…

One said: “Gabriel is Nick Cannon Brother….so far his clues hasn’t really pointed to who he really is #ClaimtoFame

Another added: “Gabriel drumstick clue is a reference to his brothers Nick Cannon role in Drumline #ClaimtoFame

Hugo – Jimmy Carter

Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Hugo’s prevailing theory suggests he’s related to a former President. Could this be true?

One fan suggested: “I think Hugo is Jimmy Carter’s grandson #ClaimtoFame look at the peanuts with the donkey on top.”

Another said: “Hugo is Amy Lynn Carter’s son, grandson of Jimmy Carter. #ClaimtoFame.”

J.R. – Lil Nas X

Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Venla Shalin/Redferns

Fans seem certain J.R.’s relative is rapper Lil Nax X…

One said: “JR is Lil Nas X Brother and something tells me they’re never going to connect these two. He might win it all #ClaimToFame“.

Another added: “I don’t think they will ever come close to guessing Lil Nas X for JR #ClaimToFame.”

Karsyn – Dale Earnhardt, Jr

Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

After already being incorrectly linked to a race car driver, fans are staying on that track with Karsyn…

Now, fans are theorising she’s related to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

One fan said: “Karsyn is the grand daughter of the late Dale Earnhardt and the niece of Dale Earnhardt Jr. #ClaimtoFame.”

Another suggested: “Karsyn related to dale earnhardt jr possibly? #ClaimtoFame.”

Monay – JB Smoove

Gizelle Hernandez/ABC and Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Netflix

Could Monay be related to actor/comedian JB Smoove? Here’s what fans online had to say…

One fan commented: “If Monay is JB Smoove’s daughter, there’s no way they’re gonna guess her.”

Another added: “I wonder if Monay might be related to JB Smoove?”

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