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Pod Meets World: Confirmed Guests From Boy Meets World

by Conor O'Brien
Pod Meets World

Did you grow up watching Boy Meets World? Or, become a fan recently through Disney+? Either way, with Pod Meets World, you’re in luck!

It’s hosted by series stars Danielle Fishel (Topanga), Rider Strong (Shawn) and Will Friedle (Eric). Therefore, the podcast covers each of Boy Meets World‘s 158 episodes, which originally aired on ABC between 1993-2000.

Although Ben Savage (Cory) has been confirmed to not appear, many other Boy Meets World alumni have/will discuss their time on ABC’s classic family sitcom.

In fact, in a 2022 interview with Young Hollywood, Friedle said the following:

“We’d like to have as many people on as we can. We’re reaching out to everybody from crew, cast, the extras on the show. We want to get everybody we can to come back and talk about their experiences.”

Will Friedle, Young Hollywood (2022)

Courageous Nerd gets into who will be diving deep into nostalgia, as well as what else they’ve been up to.

William Russ – Alan Matthews

William Russ Pod Meets World
Image courtesy of ABC

Russ (or “Rusty”) played Cory’s father Alan Matthews in all 7 seasons of Boy Meets World. In fact, he’s the only cast member as of writing to have already appeared on Pod Meets World.

In that interview, Russ told his former castmates about his initial discomfort with the sitcom format, revealing:

“You know, honestly the sitcom was hard for me. I didn’t get it, didn’t understand it, didn’t know how people did them. I just didn’t understand. When the first audition and meeting came up, I just said, ‘Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable. This is not right for me.’ Even the genre.”

William Russ, Pod Meets World (2022)

As we know, Russ eventually joined Boy Meets World after ABC picked it up for 13 episodes. He stayed with the show until its finale in 2000 and directed several episodes.

In addition to being a Script Supervisor on Girl Meets World, Russ also reprised his role as Alan in two episodes of the spin-off.

William Daniels – Mr Feeny

William Daniels Pod Meets World
Image courtesy of ABC

William Daniels, the twice Emmy-winning star of St Elsewhere, played Cory’s ever-wise mentor, Mr Feeny. Much of the show’s initial premise centred on Feeny being both Cory’s teacher and next-door neighbour.

Daniels already had a long and distinguished career before Boy Meets World. He appeared in notable films such as The Graduate and Two For The Road. His other successful TV roles include voicing KITT on Night Rider.

In the aforementioned interview with Young Hollywood, Danielle Fishel confirmed Daniels would appear on Pod Meets World:

“We were already lucky enough to interview Bill Daniels. You’ll all be able to hear that episode coming up in a little bit.”

Danielle Fishel, Young Hollywood (2022)

David Trainer – Director (Season 1-2)

David Trainer
Courtesy of Getty Images

In the same interview, Fishel also revealed that veteran television director David Trainer would appear on Pod Meets World.

Notably, Trainer directed all but one episode of That 70s Show – the pilot. The same is true for Boy Meets World Season 1.

Trainer also helmed several episodes in Boy Meets World‘s second season, before departing.

Trina McGee – Angela Moore

Courtesy of Matt Winklemeyer/Getty Images

Trina McGee joined Boy Meets World in Season 5, playing Angela Moore, Shawn’s long-term girlfriend. Angela also became a close friend of Topanga and Cory, particularly in the show’s college years.

Fishel, Strong and Friedle announced McGee would appear during the podcast’s first episode.

In 2015, McGee reprised her role as Angela on an episode of Girl Meets World, Girl Meets Hurricane. In that episode, Angela reunited with Shawn after more than a decade.

Hearing about Angela’s marriage and plans for kids finally gave Shawn closure and the ability to move on.

Matthew Lawrence – Jack Hunter

Image courtesy of ABC

Matthew Lawrence played “Jack Hunter”, Shawn’s previously unknown half-brother in the later seasons.

Like many of his former castmates, Lawrence returned for an episode of Girl Meets World. He was also one of several names announced to appear during Pod Meets World episode 1.

In Girl Meets Semi-Formal, Jack reunited with old friends Eric and Cory after many years. He also met Cory’s daughter, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) for the very first time.

Even before Boy Meets World, Lawrence played “Chris Hillard”, the son of Robin Williams’ title character in Mrs Doubtfire.

Betsy Randle – Amy Matthews

Image courtesy of ABC

Betsy Randle played Amy Matthews, Cory’s loving mother for the entirety of Boy Meets World.

Despite Amy being somewhat of a supporting character, Randle actually had third billing in the credits – after Ben Savage and William Daniels, respectively.

Randle has also guest-starred in episodes of Charmed, Home Improvement and Family Ties, to name a few.

Additionally, Randle reprised Amy alongside on-screen husband William Russ (as Alan Matthews) for two episodes of Girl Meets World.

Maitland Ward – Rachel McGuire

Maitland Ward Pod Meets World
Image courtesy of ABC

After auditioning for Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, producer Michael Jacobs instead cast Maitland Ward in Boy Meets World. Ward played Rachel McGuire, a regular character in the show’s final two seasons.

Although not released yet, Ward has already been confirmed as an upcoming guest on Pod Meets World.

Interestingly, Ward is one of two main cast actors (alongside Alex Desert) to not appear in Girl Meets World. Therefore, Rachel is also Cory’s only friend to not return, although she does get a mention from Eric.

Aside from Boy Meets World, Ward’s other projects include The Bold and The Beautiful (1994-1996), Home Improvement and several adult-oriented films.

Lee Norris – Stuart Minkus

Image courtesy of Disney Channel

As Stuart Minkus, Lee Norris was a regular cast member on Boy Meets World Season 1. He made one additional appearance in Season 5 and did not return until Girl Meets World.

Of course, Norris went on to play Marvin “Mouth” McFadden on One Tree Hill. He starred on that show for the majority of its run, becoming a series regular from Season 3 onwards.

Before landing the role of Minkus, Norris appeared on another Michael Jacobs series – NBC’s Almost Home. Future fellow Boy Meets World actors Jason Marsden (Eric’s friend Jason Marsden) and Brittany Murphy (Trini) starred in Season 2.

In the teaser for Pod Meets World, Norris was announced as an upcoming guest. Compared to many of the other guests, Norris offers a unique perspective as an original cast member and what the show’s early days were like.

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