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The Masked Singer Season 6: Who is Jester?

by Conor O'Brien
The Masked Singer Season 6

Despite joining The Masked Singer Season 6 as a wildcard, fans think they’ve already nailed Jester’s true identity.

As of now, The Masked Singer Season 6 contestant ‘Jester’ has only sung once. Who is donning the sinister clown costume?

An eagle-eyed fan may just have the answer. Reddit user BingoxBronson has suggested it’s none other than Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), frontman of iconic punk group The Sex Pistols. Rotten has been performing professionally for over four decades.

With this in mind, how do Jester’s clues lead to the 65-year-old Londoner?

The Masked Singer Season 6
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Is Johnny Rotten on The Masked Singer Season 6?

The Sex Pistols was founded in 1975. This year was among Jester’s clues. The Reddit theory also notes a similarity between Jester’s jacket and the type worn by Rotten during the height of his career.

Rotten’s wayward reputation has also preceded him. Jester had “been called a scoundrel” and “offended heads of state and been banned from famous venues.” Therefore, Rotten’s rebellious experiences and reputation tie into this description.

Furthermore, fans have suggested Jester’s speaking voice sounded like an older Brit. Being in his mid-60s, this would apply to Rotten. Other online guesses include Roger Daltrey, Ozzy Osbourne and Ricky Gervais.

Should Rotten actually be under the mask, he would not be the first Brit to appear on The Masked Singer. In fact, there has already been Seal (Season 2’s The Leopard) and Kelly Osbourne (Season 2’s The Ladybug).

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Another rumoured The Masked Singer Season 6 star is Natasha Bedingfield as “Pepper”. Aside from “Pepper” likewise being a wildcard, Bedingfield is from West Sussex.

Jester will return to The Masked Singer stage on November 10 alongside Group A. Although Jester has just joined the competition, that week will be the group semi-final. Will Jester turn out to be Johnny Rotten or someone else entirely?

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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