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Nick Lachey: 98 Degrees vocalist wins The Masked Singer Season 5

by Conor O'Brien
Nick Lachey

98 Degrees lead singer Nick Lachey, who won Season 5 of The Masked Singer, has revealed he was actually a late addition to the hit FOX singing competition.

In a season of Muppets, athletes, child stars and more, it was a boyband star who came out on top in The Masked Singer Season 5.

Piglet, otherwise known as 98 Degrees’ lead vocalist Nick Lachey took home the show’s Golden Mask trophy after beating out Black Swan (JoJo) and Chameleon (Wiz Khalifa) to the top prize. As members of Group B, the three performers had been competing with each other throughout the whole season.

While performing as Piglet, Nick Lachey was able to show off an impressive vocal range, with song choices ranging from “Speechless” by Dan + Shay, “Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)” by Andy Grammer, “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters and “7 Years” by Lukas Graham.

In a line-up full of other iconic vocalists such as Hanson (“Russian Dolls”), Bobby Brown (“Crab”), Tyrese Gibson (“Robopine”) and even Kermit the Frog (“Snail”), Lachey was an impressive, stand-out performer.

Even though ardent fans quickly identified the Piglet as Nick Lachey, he tried to throw 98 Degrees fans off the scent by going in a different direction.

Nick Lachey
Image courtesy of FOX

For someone who played such a central role in MS5, it may come as a surprise that Lachey was not originally signed to participate in this season.

In an interview with Variety, Lachey revealed he had been contacted just four days prior to the start of Season 5, while on a skiing trip. As a fan of the series and someone who had been previously guessed, he decided to join the show for his children.

“My kids have always been a huge fan of the show and so it was definitely something on my radar,” Lachey said, “So when it came up, I thought it was, hey, this is another shot. My kids will love it and it will be a fun kind of journey for us to all take together. I’m just thankful that it all worked out kind of last minute.”

In a further twist of fate, Lachey also found a connection between the Piglet costume and his hometown, “I’m from Cincinnati, which is known as ‘Porkopolis,’ the city of the Flying Pig and my production company is called Flying Pig Prods… So when they presented that to me as the first option I said, ‘hey this is a sign, I’m supposed to be the Piglet.”

After his winning stint on The Masked Singer, Nick Lachey’s next venture is the new 98 Degrees single “Where Do You Wanna Go”, scheduled for release on July 9.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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